8 Members of the Trump Administration and Their Harry Potter Villain Doppelgängers

As our BFF Dumbledore once said, "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

And right now our light is finding ways to laugh at the spiraling black hole that is our nation's government! So we have this crazy theory... 

We think that Harry Potter is real life, and The Trump Administration are Death Eaters in disguise who have taken over Hogwarts aka The White House.

Remember that picture of the Obama staff reacting to Trump compared to the Hogwarts students reacting to Voldemort? If you don't, here ya go:

Basically the similarities are creepily undeniable. And kind of hilarious!

So without further ado, enjoy our list of the Trump Administration and their respective Harry Potter Villain Doppelgängers.

1. Betsy Devos

Dolores Umbridge

Okay this one is pretty obvious. Besides being weirdly sickly sweet, both of these women were sent in to "fix the education system" and RUINED EVERYTHING. Not qualified, dangerous for students, and clearly just working for the man. 


Do we really need to spell it out for you? Well, we probably need to spell it out for Betsy, because she probably doesn't know how to spell.

2. Paul Ryan

Tom Riddle

Paul Ryan seems like a harmless handsome young man, but he is obviously Voldemort in training. Look, if he asks you any questions about doppelgängers and says it's because he's trying to replace Obamacare, DON'T TELL HIM.

3. Jeff Sessions

Gringott's Goblin

This one is more of a visual thing than anything else. I mean, come on. Plus Sessions and the Gringott's Bank Goblins are probably both secretly working for the Russians.

4. Kellyanne Conway

Rita Skeeter

These two blondies are the masters of alternative facts. They don't blink an eye when it comes to spinning the truth to manipulate a story, plus we're not entirely sure either of them can blink— they've both clearly had a lot of work done. 

Plus we totally saw Kellyanne Conway turn into a beetle once. Surriously. #AlternativeFacts.

5. Ivanka Trump

Narcissa Malfoy

These ladies know how to align themselves with powerful men to get to the top. They come off as not necessarily pure evil, and are undeniably fashionistas. And we're pretty sure they would secretly undermine their dark overlord if their son was in danger.

6. Steve Bannon

Peter Pettigrew

These two creepers both have the ability to turn into rats, or at least we assume. Plus both of them look like their face is melting off their bodies. They're also both obsessed with serving their dark overlords, and will do whatever it takes to help the rise of evil.

7. Mike Pence


SURPRISE! You probably thought 'ol DT would be Voldemort, but it's totally Mike Pence! First of all, look at those squinty deep set eyes, snake-like nose slits, and beady little teeth. 

Second of all, just like Voldemort believes in oppressing people who deserve to be treated equally, Mike Pence is the one who actually believes that the gay community and women should be oppressed by discriminatory legislation! 

Also, this is not a joke, Mike Pence has a pet snake. Just like Nagini. And we are convinced that it's one of his horcruxes because he left snake-y poo at home in Mississippi with his son. Ya know. To keep it safe. Because the snake is a horcrux.

8. Donald Trump

Kreacher the House Elf

That's right. Donald Trump may think he's hot shit, but really he's just a creepy, old, angry, deranged wrinkly, House Elf who has been brainwashed and enslaved to do the bidding of the Death Eaters aka Steve Bannon and Mike Pence and his entire cabinet. 


Let's hope we can lock him back up in the kitchen cupboard sooner rather than later.

And for a bonus.... Melania Trump = Fleur Delacour

Think about it. She's stylish, beautiful, foreign, and clearly doesn't want to be here.

[Feature Image Courtesy OnSizzle] 

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