Vertical Stripes, White Suits, and Artisinal Pizza: Trend Tuesday Vol. One 👒🍕✨ | spoiled NYC

Vertical Stripes, White Suits, and Artisanal Pizza: Trend Tuesday Vol. One 👒🍕✨

By: Daniel True-Omaits and Kanika Talwar

Media dictates culture; magazines feature clothing, shoes, food, and what everyone is and should be “doing.”

In light of that tradition: welcome to Trend Tuesdays.

What are our credentials for being a cultural attache?

DT: I’m glad you ask!

My credentials include a 4-year degree in Media & Culture, crippling envy for people who can afford to fully express their tastes, reading magazines and watching fashion police from ages 6 - 21 instead of playing sports.

You could say I’m an expert. You could also say I’m a rocket scientist, doesn’t make it true though.

KT: I have been reading the pages of fashion magazines since I was 6 and I’ve watched Project Runway, Gossip Girl, What Not to Wear, and America’s Next Top Model religiously.

I’m a self-proclaimed expert and my rule to live by is “Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever.”

DT: From my mouth to your ears, here are this Tuesday’s trends tried by True.

Looks We Can’t Get Enough Of:

DT: Vertical stripes serving fashion vertigo (in the best way) Put it on a shirt, put it on a pant, and strut👏 it 👏 out👏.

Vertical stripes are having a moment that can be dressed up or dressed down for your needs. Not to mention, they’re also slimming. If you are anything like me, you're looking for slimming clothes like Indiana Jones looking for the Arch of The Covenant.

Truly a classic, the movie and vertical stripes.

KT: Vertical stripes have long been associated with having a slimming effect, which can be seen in men’s suits which often have light stripes on them. Stripes have been around since the Medieval era. The traditional stripe is horizontal; Gabrielle Chanel popularized the Breton stripes horizontal stripes, which are mostly associated with nautical themes.

Vertical stripes are currently having a big moment. It is so easy to play around with the thickness and color of stripes with nearly any piece of clothing. 






Wide Brimmed Statement Hats

DT: In the 50’s and 60’s, the motto was; the higher the hair the closer to God. Well it’s 2018 and I declare the newest summer mantra is: the wider the brim the closer to “Yes God!” Get yourself a wide brim hat to block out the sun, the hate, and your responsibilities.

KT: In the last year, Simon Porte Jacquemus of his Jacquemus label has repopularized the wide-brimmed hats. His larger than life hats give off a glamorous Mediterranean vibe unlike anyone else’s, leading everyone to copy this trend as soon as they saw it on the runway.

This hat is a summer staple that is not going anywhere soon so invest in a good hat, you’re gonna need it.




White Suits

DT: Fact: you are lying if you say you have never pretended to be Olivia Pope, strutting around in a crisp white suit, taking over the world, and kissing the President. White suits are as here as the last season of Scandal on Netflix, which I am still recovering from btw.

KT: White suits are the epitome of impracticality, and yet it exudes sophistication and class. Just ask Jay Gatsby in his “white-flannel suit, silver shirt, and a gold-colored tie” or Hemingway. A white suit grabs your attention and demands you take a second look.