Mini Purses, Statement Shoulders, and Meatless Meat: Trending Tuesdays Vol. 3 👘👛🍔 | spoiled NYC

Mini Purses, Statement Shoulders, and Meatless Meat: Trending Tuesdays Vol. 3 👘👛🍔

By: Daniel True-Omaits and Kanika Talwar

Media dictates culture; magazines feature clothing, shoes, food, and what everyone is and should be “doing.”

In light of that tradition: welcome to Trend Tuesdays.

What are our credentials for being a cultural attache?

DT: I’m glad you ask!

My credentials include a 4-year degree in Media & Culture, crippling envy for people who can afford to fully express their tastes, reading magazines and watching fashion police from ages 6 - 21 instead of playing sports.

You could say I’m an expert. You could also say I’m a rocket scientist, doesn’t make it true though.

KT: I have been reading the pages of fashion magazines since I was 6 and I’ve watched Project Runway, Gossip Girl, What Not to Wear, and America’s Next Top Model religiously.

I’m a self-proclaimed expert and my rule to live by is “Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever.”

DT: From my mouth to your ears, here are this Tuesday’s trends tried by True.

Looks We Can’t Get Enough Of

Shirt Dresses

KT: Whenever I think of shirt dresses, the classic Carolina Herrera always come to mind; worn since the 50’s, they are perfect for this unbearable NY heat.

Create a chic look with a pair of heels that can go from the office to drinks with friends. To avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed, wear delicate jewelry like a necklace and bangles to offset the more masculine aspects of the dress, or add a belt to give a more accentuated waist.

For a more casual day of running around, wear them with sneakers that give off a more tomboyish vibe.

DT: I am OBSESSED with shirt dresses.

It's a look that can be styled for whatever occasion you attend, not to mention it's so effortlessly beautiful.

Throw on some shades, a pair of thigh highs and your Dad's old concert tee and you have a chic, edgy look that is dying to be photographed outside of the clubs.

God, I love this look. If only I could find my thigh highs...







Polka Dots

DT: As I write this I am, in fact, wearing a white button-up with polka dots. Polka dots a fun and fashion-forward way to add some personality to your wardrobe.

I would personally pair a boring navy suit (the one you wear to work every day) with the shirt I'm wearing for a look that says: I do something with finance, but I also have a will to live.

If you want a casual look, I suggest wearing polka dots in “a short-sleeved button-up with a French tuck?”
-Tan in EVERY episode of Queer Eye

KT: Polka Dot have been on America’s radar since the 1920’s when Ms. America was photographed wearing a polka dot swimsuit, and since then, the trend has been a staple of American culture.

Christian Dior made the pattern high fashion when he put them on his dresses, Hollywood followed suit, and it the designs were worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Recently, polka dots in all shapes, sizes, and colors have re-emerged across the runways. It’s a great pop piece to keep in the closet, endless versatility to experiment with since this trend isn’t going anywhere soon.