Attention all book lovers!

Attention all commuters!

Attention any and all who wish to be entertained on their daily, fairly unpleasant subway ride!

The New York MTA, Transit Wireless, and Penguin Random House are teaming up to release ebooks and articles that will be timed to your commute.

We can now take advantage of more in-train WiFi by not only staying connected with the above-world, but also by granting us easy entertainment with Subway Reads.

Governor Cuomo has released a statement saying that “New York’s transportation network must continue adapting to the changing needs of its ridership and a key part of that is delivering the amenities that have become essential components of everyday life”.

“Bringing Wi-Fi into underground stations helps riders stay connected through their commute, allowing them to check in with friends or family and access news or entertainment,” he said.


So, basically, we no longer have to feel like we’re in a prison underground (as if Cuomo had any notion of what that actually felt like).

Transit Wireless is giving away some Kindle Fires as part of their promotion, and are currently offering 175 short stories for riders. So far, that is.

And you can also read these stories above ground if for whatever reason you don’t finish a story in time.


As if we needed even more incentive to use the subway’s free WiFi than, well, just the fact that it’s free WiFi. But hey, we’re definitely not complaining. 


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[via Tech Crunch] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]