So You Want to Ride the NYC Subway for Free for 2 Months? We Soooo Got You Covered!

This city, for many reasons, totally sucks. 

For one, it's expensive as hell. 

Whether it's finding a place where you can actually afford to live, finding a place where you won't eventually get priced out, or even the means to get from Point A to Point B, New York City is pretty unforgiving when it comes to your wallet. 

So we do anything we can to help. Even if it's just spreading the news over and over again that, no, you can't afford to live here for too long, we do what we can. When we can do more, we do. Don't believe it?

Well, why don't you ask Daisy Bonilla, Axel Belger, and Tamar Jules, the winners of our last NYC subway card giveaway. Yes, these are real people who really won real things. 

And now you can too. We're giving away two (that's right, 2!) unlimited monthly New York City subway passes. 

Yep. You're welcome. Sometimes we do more than spread the bad news about how ungodly expensive it is to survive in NYC. 

Oh, and it's easy. It's as easy as entering this amazing giveaway below. Just enter your email address in that little boxy box below. That's it. No, seriously, it's that simple.


If you win—which, if you're in NYC, you're already winning at life—you get two unlimited monthly passes.

Actually, it's more than just sweet. We're taking care of you the best we can. Good lookin' out, right?! Right.

Enter this giveaway above and take care of two month's worth of subway swipes.

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