As New Yorkers, we're painfully familiar with the idea of over-promising and under-delivering. We could talk for years and years about being burned by the Second Ave subway. But let's not.

Let's not get too pessimistic or cynical or even laugh off any future promises of sweet ass conveniences that have been months (years or decades, even) in the works. Let's just look at every glass, empty or otherwise, as half-full. 

Particularly when it comes to actually getting wi-fi in the subways. 

As reported by 6sqft, NYC will have free Wi-Fi in all underground stations by the end of this year. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo has planned to have all 279 of the city's subway stations up and fully connected to wifi very, very soon.  As of Tuesday, 250 station have already been set up with wifi. 

The governor has been extremely vocal about this improvement saying that it will, "modernize and fundamentally transform" the subway system and will be a step in the right direction to "build the 21st century transit system that New Yorkers deserve."

He also believes that connectivity shouldn't end when the riders go underground.  

Good point, but there goes the excuse, "No I didn't get your text, I was on the subway!"  Sorr,y everyone.


In addition to wifi, Cuomo also plans on upgrading the current infrastructure of the stations: more countdown clocks (hallelujah), contactless payment by 2018, and (WOW) outfitting both subways and buses with USB chargers.

Until then, enjoy the spotty wifi and unreliable countdown clocks wherever your journeys lead you.

[via 6sqft] [Feature Image Courtesy The Globe and Mail]