We have to say, we aren't surprised to hear that 2 and 3 trains will not be running from Friday nights at 11:45 p.m until Monday at 5 a.m. 


To be fair, Hurricane Sandy took a toll on the MTA, creating damages on the 98 year old Clark Street Tunnel, and have finally decided to fix it.

Yes, we know, the MTA is causing a dent in your summer plans.

Well, get used to it! Because if you haven't noticed, these service closures started last weekend. While 3 train services will end at 14th Street, 2 trains will run along the 1 track, south of Chamber Street.

But don't you worry, 4 and 5 train service is here to save us all. Both train services will be extended, 4 trains to New Lots, and 5 to Flatbush Avenue.

We love the fact that they're improving the city but sheesh, do they have to improve it all at once?


I mean, they could've just shut down all Brooklyn-bound number trains, but then all hell would break loose. Small silver linings.

Let's pray that letter trains are at least reliable this summer. But we wouldn't hold our breath.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram][via TimeOut NY]