Chocolate Covered Edamame lovers rejoice! Trader Joe's is opening three new New York stores, and one in Hoboken in 2017!

We want to imagine that the addition of more locations will help ease up the lines at the current locations but...we know better.

The first of the highly anticipated new locales is set to open sometime this summer at Columbus Avenue and 93rd Street on the Upper West Side.

Next up expect a SoHo location, at 161 Sixth Avenue near Spring Street, sometime before 2018. And a location in Downtown Brooklyn...eventually. They said it was "coming soon" in 2015, so who freakin' knows.

Personally we are just dreaming of the day when we'll finally get Wegman's: The Disney World of Grocery Stores. 

If you've never been to a Wegman's stop what you are doing immediately and get yourself to the nearest suburban location ASAP.


Wegman's won't be arriving to Brooklyn Navy Yard until maybe next year, but we shall be patiently waiting for its sweet, sweet arrival.

In the meantime, see you in line at T-Joe's.

[Feature Image Courtesy Trader Joe's] [via Gothamist]