Lovin' This Weather? Good News! There's This $10/Hour Job As a... Tortoise Walker in Central Park?!

In case you have been living under a rock this week, you've obviously noticed the record-breaking, spring-like temperatures in New York City, right? Right. 

So, in light of taking advantage of these wonderful temperatures, seeing this city in all of its spring-like glory, and even making some extra cash in the meantime, there's this Craigslist posting for a $10/hour job as a... tortoise walker. Not. Kidding. 

As this hilarious Craigslist post, which Gothamist first reported on this week, goes on to detail: 

I'm in search of a responsible animal lover to take Henry, my 16-year-old African tortoise, to Central Park on warm weekdays… No tortoise experience necessary, but you must be an animal person and also good with people... If you're sociable and like to hang out in Central Park anyway, this is an easy gig.

Want a little more info on Henry from its owner, Amanda? Listen up. 

Henry is surprisingly quick (not to mention energetic and fearless) for weighing approximately sixteen pounds and he doesn't wear a leash, so the lucky tortoise walkers will have to keep an eye on him. 

Be forewarned, however, as the owners live in a walk-up building in Harlem. So that means you'll have to carry Henry up and down those stairs, and in/out of his comfy stroller. 


Still interested? Us too. Apply here

In the meantime while you wait to hear back on what might be the best job you never thought you'd never, ever have, check out some of these amazing photos off of his very own Instagram account below. (P.S., and trust us on this, it's pure gold.) 






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