Here in New York City, it's hard to keep track of all of our possessions. 

Most of us have lost something important at one point in our lives (uh, dignity? Where ya at?)

If you're looking everywhere for something more tangible than your long-lost dignity, you might want to check out Tom Hanks's twitter feed. 

Much to the confusion of many of Tom Hanks's followers, his twitter feed is littered with items that have been left behind, willingly or otherwise (who can really say?), by their former owners. 

While most of these items are spare socks or gloves, Tom Hanks reunited a Fordham University student with her student ID card through his twitter feed. 

Check out Tom's collection of found items below. 

But have YOU found something crazy on the streets of NYC? Whatever it is, we want to see it... you could win some spoiled NYC swag (we got shirts because sun's out gun's out, duh). 


How can you win? Follow these rules: 

1. Tweet a picture of whatever weird sh*t you've found on the streets of NYC tweeting at us @spoiledNYC with the hashtag #spoiledFound .

2. Follow us on Twitter (@spoiledNYC)

3. Get as many likes/retweets as you can for your whatever treasure you've found on the streets of NYC.

4. The person with the most likes/retweets wins. 

This contest ends in one week (Monday, March 28th), so get on it, New Yorkers!

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[via Telegraph]  [Feature Image Courtesy Telegraph]