We're wondering what people won't pay for on Airbnb. We're pretty sure that people would've rented out that dope igloo in Brooklyn if Airbnb didn't stop the hustle. 

But what about the ultimate Netflix & Chill room? Apparently, it's a thing and it's right here in New York City. 

The Netflix & Chill room, for $414.19 a night, is absolutely incredible. 

It comes complete with the original Netflix & Chill bed, a fully stocked mini bar, an HD projector and Apple TV with Netflix account, surround sound, access to the rooftop for beautiful views, and a large bathroom with marble finish.

We're not so sure if we'd even consider staying in a room where other people may or may not have just Netflix and chilled or Netflix and chilled

However, this set up is certainly pretty supreme. 


Of course, it's a project by Art404 and Tom Galle, but it's also the perfect spot for an upscale Netflix and chill date. 

Possibly even a Valentine's Day staycation?

tomgalle go rent it it's really cute 💘 link in bio

Galle told Trusted Reviews, "With this project we bring the famous 'Netflix & Chill meme' to life and offer it as an IRL experience that people can rent for a night." 

We're pretty sure that there are some people with too much money who might spend $414.19 on this perfect setup, we'll stick with our couch. 

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[via Trusted Reviews] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]