Hold Onto Your Butts! This Night Light Brings the Party to Your Bathroom Every. Night.

Listen kids, we hear you: the toilet can be scary. Especially at night, when you have to make that terrible little trek from the bed to the bathroom in the total darkness because you drank that one last glass of water after dinner and now you have to pee, bad. 

It’s a miracle you don’t bang your knees on everything in your path. Once you make it to the bathroom you flick on the lights and you’re blind all over again because the harsh light just gotcha. 

Well, the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light is 15% off right now and here to save your butts.

It’s not just for potty training little ones, though it is totally perfect for that. This is that thing in your house that your guests flip over. 

Did you check out their bathroom yet?! It’s that good. You can pick the color yourself or you can let the LED lead the way with its auto-rotation of eight incredible glowing hues. 

The best part of all is its motion sensor, so the toilet light turns on the second you arrive in the bathroom and turns off once you’re gone. 

No more flipping that harsh switch, get used to a gentle glow when you go.

It clicks right onto the rim of any toilet in the house, way in the back of the bowl, and it’s splashproof which keeps it super sanitary. 

Plus it’s a breeze to clean with a cloth. It’s battery powered and plastic for durability. At 15% off right now, your bathroom is begging to finally be the party room for a change. 

Check out this ridiculous Youtube review below, then head to our store and get it for 15% off right now. 

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