It’s a great week for making the mark, finding the bullseye, and focusing on the Target.

Like most New Yorkers, we’re pretty underwhelmed by the latest Target and its location.

Target will take on Tribeca starting next week, and they’ll do it in whatever they have that passes for style.

Observer reported that the Big Red One will open its Tribeca location on October 5th. 

One small step for affordable sh*t in Tribeca, one giant leap for big box stores. Of course, we should be clear on this one: it's a small store.

If you head over to their opening day festivities September 30th, they have free defy & INSPIRE mini-manicures courtesy of Nail It Up, yoga classes, and snacks from Chobani Café. 

Of course, the Chobani's in it for the long haul, so you can snag some lunch from there any day of the week. 


Oh, and there’s a DJ, who will probably be a tremendous hit with the non-existent (here's to hoping New Yorkers don't readily embrace a convenient, albeit soul-sucking chain?) crowd, so long as he doesn’t play any of the nauseating music from Target’s recent batch of commercials.


But what do we care? We'll be at the Bob's Burgers-themed art showTarget's funtacular, limited-time-only pop-up starts September 30th. 

[via Observer] [Feature Image Courtesy]