Phone booths have made their comeback in NYC, but you won't be able to call up anyone on these.

In the middle of Times Square–and a time when immigration is a rather touchy subject–you can hear first-hand stories of immigration from real New Yorkers, Time Out NY reported.

Afghan-American artist Aman Mojadidi has teamed up with Times Square Arts to install the new interactive art piece Once Upon a Place, which connects New Yorkers in a whole new way.

Over several months of workshops set up in 18 different cultural communities across the five boroughs, Mojadidi recorded the stories of various immigrant New Yorkers.

Just head into one of the three phone booths, pick up a receiver and listen to the testimony of NYC residents who have emigrated from over 25 countries around the world.

Some stories are in English while others are told in the resident's native tongue.

Now, you're seriously going to want to learn all of these languages so you can understand all of the incredible stories!


Read through the phone book inside each booth to read about each storytellers' communities in NYC and in their home country. You can even pen your own story in it for others to read.


Stop by the new installation at Duffy Square on 46th St. and 7th Ave. from June 27th to Sept. 5 to hear the stories of our newest neighbors.

[Feature Image Courtesy Times Square NYC] [via Times Square NYC] 

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