Finally, the few times you have to venture into Times Square will be, well... they'll still be headaches, but at least now they'll be somewhat less of a headache.

Part of the de Blasio administration's attempt to make Times Square a pedestrian plaza, which involves sectioning off costumed characters and ticket sellers alike, we will begin to see the implementation of 'designated activity zones' - better known as DAZ's. 

A designated activity zone is a section of the Times Square walkway, painted electric blue, where all those performers and salespeople attempting to make money off of those visiting Times Square must remain within the bounds of.

This was done, in part, as a response to several costume characters being arrested after harassing tourists for not knowing to give a customary courtesy tip.

The plan is for there to a be a total of eight DAZ's. To assist the costume characters and vendors with this transition process, as well as enforcing the rules of the DAZ, there will be several street ambassadors patrolling Times Square in the coming weeks. 

These street ambassadors will be available to explain the ground rules of the DAZ to characters, vendors, and tourists in both English and Spanish.

However, this is not the only major change coming to Times Square. Over time we'll also be seeing designated "chill zones" for those who - for some reason we do not understand - want to sit down and relax in the heart of Times Square. 

We will also see the dawn of the 'express lane' - a portion of the Times Square that will be painted in white, designated for those who are just trying to maneuver their way through Times Square unscathed. 


Now this is a change we can get behind.

Of course, we have to sympathize with the struggles of the costume characters and vendors - we've all got to make a living somehow, right?


Thankfully, the de Blasio administration will be checking in with these individuals after a few months to see if the DAZ's have negatively affected their abilities to make money.

At the end of the day we're all New Yorkers, and we all know how hard it is to survive in this expensive city.

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