Surprise! One of New York City's most adored bands just made a lot of peoples' days. 

LCD Soundsystem announced via social media this morning that they'll be playing two shows at Webster Hall presented by Panorama at the end of the month, but you can't just buy tickets.

So in case you can't make it to the inaugural Panorama fest this summer to see LCD, you can do your best to get into one of the two nights at Webster Hall this weekend. 

There is a first-come, first-served ticket lottery, and anyone can enter for the chance to purchase two tickets for either show, March 27th or 28th.

Maybe the lottery is to help level the playing field against ticket bots and other such insidious forces of the universe. 

Maybe it's a schtick, part of the glitz of the surprise and the band's reunion.

Either way, fill out the entry form here for your chance to get tickets!



via LCD Soundsystem

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[via LCD Soundsystem]