It’s no secret that the trends of the 90’s have been making a serious comeback in the world of fashion.

From jelly sandals and scrunchies to silky slip dresses and velvet choker necklaces, the latest runway styles will definitely send you on a trip down memory lane.

If you’ve been kicking yourself for tossing out all of your old denim jackets, belly shirts, and butterfly clips from back in the day, don’t worry.

It turns out that you can snag all of your favorite old-school fashion pieces in one glorious place thanks to a new 90’s-themed vintage shop in New York City called Spark Pretty.

Created by Amanda Dolan and Meagan Colby, Spark Pretty is entirely dedicated to the teenage era of its owners and this epic store is guaranteed to give you a serious dose of denim-filled nostalgia.


After running an online business and opening up several successful pop-up stores, Dolan and Colby finally decided to find a permanent home for Spark Pretty in the East Village.

Take one step inside this colorful time capsule, and you’ll quickly discover why people are losing their damn minds over this retro retail space.


This funky store carries an endless array of vintage styles including hand-painted denim and sequin-covered jean jackets from renowned designer Tony Alamo, jackets decked out in Lisa Frank designs, bellbottoms, novelty band t-shirts, jumpsuits and an assortment of accessories that are all that and a bag of chips.


If that’s not enough to make you pass out from sheer excitement, you’ll be glad to know that the shop also boasts a collection of toys from your childhood such as trolls, Spice Girls dolls, and Vanilla Ice posters.

Not to mention, a talking Fran Drescher doll that will bring you right back to your days of watching The Nanny while stuffing your face with Dunkaroos.


Dolan told Gothamist, "From the pink glow of our neon sign, to the memories of our childhood posters staring back at you, to the disco ball sparkling on the ceiling, we are so much more than your average vintage shop."

If you’re looking to get in on the 90’s action, Spark Pretty is opened Tuesdays through Sundays from 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.