So you saw the moon last weekend, right? Don't tell us you don't remember the huge, glowing Trump- orange orb in the sky.

Sigh. We get it. In New York City, we're not always exactly looking up to the sky when so much is going on right down here.

Anyway, NBD, because if you missed the most recent supermoon, you're in luck because we're scheduled to see another in November AND December.

November 14th and December 15th, to be exact. Keep track this time.

A supermoon, defined by NASA (we guess we trust them), is "a full moon that is closer to Earth than average." As reported by TimeOut, the moon was 222,365 miles from Earth last weekend, which seems far AF to us but apparently, totally isn't.

This is why we have NASA.

Another fun fact, November's supermoon is expected to be even more super than the other supermoons– it will actually be the closest full moon of the 21st century.


So, just saying, on the 14th of the next two months, try staying out of Midtown for a while so you can glimpse the phenomena.

Don't forget, if you don't post a blurry pic of it to your insta, it's basically like it never happened.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]