Forget everything we said about wanting to live forever.

A recent study from Scientific American shows that as many as 3,100 people could die in New York alone from extremely hot temperatures by the year 2080.

If we all live as long as plan to, then this directly affects all of us 20-30 something New Yorkers.

The only way to avoid this rise in heat wave-related death tolls is to take major steps to adapt to warmer temperatures, and reduce emissions.

For those who are still trying to deny the reality of climate change, it's time to wise up because the impacts of climate change are going to drastically impact our daily lives if we continue to do nothing about it.

President Obama's administration has recently been making moves to link the effects of climate change to issues of public health.

Higher temperatures will lead to a rise in the number of stroke, heart attack, and breathing ailment related deaths - primarily in the child, and elderly populations.

In a recent study, Frederica Perera, of the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health, explained that the group that is most vulnerable to the effects of climate change is children - primarily children who are in utero in the midst of a drastic climate change.


Rising temperatures as a result of climate change, in combination with air/environmental pollution could have drastic effects on children - such as premature birth, and neurodevelopmental problems.

The solution to these problems: addressing air pollution and climate change at a higher level.


If you're interested in learning more about climate change, read up on the issues, technology, and laws surrounding climate change here.

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