This Is Your Chance to Choose Your Own Insane $5,000 Adventure–on US!

Cash or credit? Tall or grande? Add value or add time?

As New Yorkers, we've learned accept the same same old, boring options... but what if the size small shirt is too little, and the medium's too big? Goldilocks, you're not alone.

When's the last time it was really, truly, all about you?

We're partnering up with our friends over at G Adventures, Town & Country, Travel Curator, and Shermans Travel to bring you the ultimate tailored experience: a choose-your-own-adventure trip for two valued at $5,000. 

As anyone who's ever had a piece of clothing specifically tailored to fit their body is well aware, it's life-changing to have something made just to fit you and only you.

Sure, you've played the video games, but this time it's coming to you IRL. A trip specially curated just for you and your bae -- or a close friend, because hey, you make the decisions here– with airfare included. Try your luck to win this awesome, personalized adventure.

Choose your location and then choose some more between a ton of different activities. Are you sporty, and always down for a mean hike? Are you the type to lay back and soak up the sun with a drink in hand? Are you a museum lover in it for the arts and culture? Are you honestly just there for some delicious authentic grub?


If Thailand is your jam, take the Bangkok night scene by storm and club until the wee hours of the morning. Spend your days sipping cocktails beachside or lazing in a hammock before a Thai massage. The only work you'll do is working up that tan!

If you're an active traveler– hey, this trip is all about you, friend– down to explore rainforests, spot a roaming tiger or two or even some bathing monkeys! Then slap on a suit and snorkel coral reefs to your heart's content. Either way, that street food crawl isn't going to walk itself.

Or maybe you've always been seduced by the spice of Morocco. You'll ride camels across sandy dunes, camp out and dance fireside in the Sahara desert like a true Bedouin. Live off the land, learn farming and irrigation techniques– how do you grow anything in a desert, anyway?– and eat local delicacies.


Explore the architecture of local kasbahs– maybe you'll recognize the one from Game of Thrones!– and learn to cook tangine, the iconic Moroccan dish. Watch the spectacle of boats returning to port, browse shops along a white sandy beach, then head to a local BBQ seafood cafe. Catch your fish and eat it too!

For the pioneering traveler, dive into Colombia's undiscovered regions and get on the this trend before everyone and their mama book it to Ciudad Perdida. Lose yourself in the Lost City of Teyuna's rural farming communities and steamy jungles. 


Explore the ruins– uncrowded because you discovered it first!– at your own pace. Imagine what it was like to marvel at those structures a thousand years ago. Pretty soon, you'll be contemplating your place in the universe– what's it all about, anyway? Finally figure out all the answers as you fall asleep in a hammock.

Whether you choose Thailand, Morocco or Colombia, finally get back to the important things in life: sun, food, and sights. Best of all, it's exactly what you'll want because you designed it.

Enter to win this amazing choose-your-own-adventure getaway right here– before it's too late!

[Feature Image Courtesy Trafalgar] 

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