Forgive me for all of the shit I've talked about you, Williamsburg. 

Despite all of the annoying hipsters and cushy vegans, there are still some cool parts of the borough.

Where else would you be able to find something as hipster as a "tailored event space" on a rooftop?

Dobbin St is a venue that combines 8,900 square feet of outdoor and indoor space. It has a minimalist and luxury feel. 

And most importantly... it has free movie showings!

Steps away from picturesque McCarren park, one Wednesday each month from May 24th to October 4th, Dobbin St will be hosting free movie screenings. All you have to do is register here

The first one is sold out, but keep an eye out for June tickets. The full line-up of movies is below, courtesy of Time Out NY:

Wed May 24th, 8:15pm: The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, John Cassavetes's masterful portrait of a seedy nightclub owner

Wed June 14th, 8:29pm: Le Samouraï, Jean-Pierre Melville's assassin psychodrama— basically the coolest French movie ever

Wed July 19th, 8:23pm: The Man Who Fell to Earth, starring a Station to Station-era David Bowie in his most iconic role

Wed August 23rd, 7:42pm: The Conformist, Bernardo Bertolucci's brilliant political drama, one of the most gorgeous films shot

Wed September 13th, 7:08pm: Tokyo Story, Yasujiro Ozu's domestic heartbreaker, perhaps the most devastating film of all time

Wed October 4th, 6:33pm: Blowup, Michelangelo Antonioni's Swinging London thriller, massively influential


P.S. This is a cheap and super cool date idea. If the sunset views and sophisticated movie don't totally blow your date away, we don't know what will (...actually, maybe we do).

[Feature Image Courtesy Dobbin St] [via TimeOut NY]