You might think that red wine is only for the coldest of nights, the meatiest of dinners, and the driest of tastebuds.

That red wine is reserved for only the most pompous of the wine drinkers, who prefer to seem sophisticated rather than enjoy some sweet (white) wine.

Well, reader, you would be very wrong.

Red wine has become the foundation of a popular new drink: kalimotxo.

The drink’s ingredients are two-fold: red wine and cola. The two seemingly opposing drinks work together to create the perfect summer beverage, which, according to BKW chef Michael Gordon, is a popular drink among teenagers in Spain.

There’s no catch, you don’t have to buy a more expensive wine to make it taste good―the drink is commonly referred to as the “poor man’s sangria." 

However, it’s important to use a drier wine, such as zinfandel or pinot noir, to avoid an overbearing sweetness.

Gordon notes that “when you are adding in another liquid that is so sugary, to keep it balanced you need a wine that doesn’t have any sweetness."


For the cola, you’ll want to make sure you get one that’s sweetened with real sugar rather than corn syrup. Gordon prefers to make the drink with Boylan soda, which is the brand he uses at his Brooklyn restaurant.

Gordon took the concoction a step further at his restaurant and made it into a dessert. At BKW, he serves the drink in an ice cream float: “We put a large scoop of creamy mascarpone gelato in our version, which adds a nice smoothness,” he said.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better.

Tip: the caffeine in your cola will do its work keeping you awake at night… so plan accordingly. 

[via Mic] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]