The app Recharge just became your new best friend.

The company launched Recharge for NYC luxury hotels. With the app, you book stays at luxury hotel in NYC by the minute.


Meaning, you stay for only as long as you need at one of the 16 luxury NYC hotels the company partners with. The list includes The Pierre, W New York, The Knickerbocker and 1 Hotel Central Park.

In collaboration with JetBlue Technology Ventures, a subsidiary of JetBlue, Recharge finds rooms booked by guests who are out for the day. 

According to TimeOut NY, the hotel allows you to stay for the time that guest is out and about. So, you can rent out a room for a quick nap if you need and “recharge” before heading out for your flight or business meeting.

"There's nothing like a truly private spot to settle and refresh yourself after a long trip, but renting a hotel for a full night just for a bit of calm ahead of an important meeting during a day trip isn't always reasonable,” JetBlue Technology Ventures Chairman Eash Sundaram said in a statement. 

“We're excited to work with Recharge to rethink how hotel brands we already know and trust can optimize their vacant rooms. Finding easy ways to rent the unused space for shorter periods of time is great for travelers, local commuters, and families alike while creating new revenue streams for participating hotels."


Although there is no minimum stay for a guest using Recharge, some hotels may require a minimum charge. The average guest stay is about two hours, with rates starting at $.66/minute and plus a lodging tax. 

The rates can be as high as $3/min depending on the hotel and when you finally accept that you must climb out of that comfy king bed. I know, it would be difficult for me, too.


Recharge also expanded its footprint in San Francisco by 15 hotel properties. Imagine relaxing in one of the San Fran’s Taj Campton Place king beds. Yeah, that can actually be you for a way cheaper price. That sounds beautiful! I’m downloading this app now!

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via TimeOut NY]