It's no surprise: subway station proximity is a key factor in New York City real estate. More often than not, it's the first questions out of our mouths when scouting for a new apartment: "How close is the train?" 

It's truly a make or break factor. It's crucial for survival, and we are more than happy to base our living arrangement decisions around it. 

It comes at a cost, though. According to a report by RentHop, renters could potentially pay $845 less per month in rent simply be adding one extra subway stop and 2 minutes to their daily commute. 

Um, maybe it's just us, but that sounds like a sacrifice we'd totally be willing to make. 


If money is no object and you'll pay a pretty penny for convenience, consider shacking up near the 23rd street station off the 1 line, where median rent prices are $4,000 for a one bedroom apartment. 

If you lived just one block south, however, you could save up to $800. 

The most affordable apartments nearest to subway lines are in the Bronx off of the 5 and 6 lines, where the median price is $1,250. 

It's clear that figuring out how to get around plays a major role in the life of a New Yorker. And between surging MTA costs and the imminent L-train closure, it's certainly not getting any easier to manage.



via DNA Info

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