While we're sure you've heard about the havoc wreaked by Harvey and Irma, you may not be aware that another cyclonic mastermind has been quietly churning around the Atlantic since the beginning of September– and now its on its way here.

Now, don't start losing your mind yet– unlike Sandy of 5 years past, this superstorm is not predicted to hit NYC head on, with the nearest impact predicted to be 280 miles southeast.

However, that doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about.

The storm is scheduled to arrive during a period of high tide, making flooding a real risk. Coastal flood warnings will be in effect for southern Queens and parts of Brooklyn, as well as a coastal flood advisory for Staten Island from 6 pm tonight to noon Wednesday.


If you live in one of those areas, it might behoove you to STAY THE F AWAY FROM THE COAST and prepare yourself for an emergency.

Take whatever steps you can to protect your property, and try to have your bags packed, your phones charged, and some provisions ready.


If worst comes to worst and the storm takes a westward turn, impacts could escalate. But as of right now, this is only a slim possibility; its the areas devastated by Irma and Harvey that could really use our help.

[via NYDailyNews] [Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY]