Never had an arepa before? Well, you're seriously missing out.

An arepa is a flat patty made of ground kernels of maize. Once the dough is made, the patty is cut in half and filling is placed between the two halves - almost like a sandwich.

Arepas can be filled with any variety of ingredients - but the most common go-to filling is cheese, or avocado.

Arepas are an extremely popular dish in Colombia and Venezuela, as well as several countries in the Caribbean.

Arepa Factory is a small spot in the East Village that has been serving up classic and creative takes on arepas for several years now.

Their menu boasts a wide variety of arepas - including vegetarian and vegan options.

Some particular stand outs are the "Frida Khalo" - an arepa filled with ground beef, black beans, avocado, and shredded white cheese - and the Carolina Herrera, which is filled with goat cheese, red pepper jam, arugula, and pine nuts.

For those who are intrigued by the arepa, but not quite ready to dive all in, there's the Planchado, a butter and white grilled cheese arepa reminiscent of the classic daily arepa often served in Venezuela.


Now that we've lured you in with all of this talk of such a delicious dish, check out this mouthwatering video from Eater showing just how Arepa Factory's arepas are made.

Try to keep your tongue off the floor.

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