7 Things We're Watching This Weekend Because Dad Said So (Or We Told Him So)


It's about damn time you showed up. It's also about damn time you showed up for two consecutive weekend days, so thanks for that, too. 

We'll be outside drinking in the sunshine (as well as just drinking) for the majority of the weekend, but let's be real.

By the time Sunday evening rolls around, we're not going anywhere. And that's where Netflix comes in.

It's all a part of our weekly ritual in which we begrudgingly prepare ourselves for the week ahead. This involves a lot of sweatpant (or no pant) wearing, binge-watching, self-pitying, and occasional crying.

This weekend is also Father's Day, so we may or may not be hanging out with our old man. In which case, we'll need something to watch together after the conversation about the weather dies down after approximately 5 minutes. 

Read on to discover our roundup of what we'll be tuning into this weekend.

1. The Godfather  

LeBron James recently said he's watched the movie 6 times in the last month or so, but when pressed for his favorite quote, he couldn't put his finger on any one in particular. 

That's bullsh*t. That's one thing your dad would never slip on. 


Unless he's never seen it. Fix that this Father's Day. 

2. NBA Finals Game 7

It's game 7. How the hell did we get here?! Golden State looked unbeatable. LeBron looked like he was going home without a ring once more, but now? All it took was the Splash Brothers not showing up, Draymond being Draymond, the Harrison Barnes disappearing act, and now, Bogut's knee. 

Sure enough, The Warriors have gone from having one of the most historically exciting seasons of all time to having one of the most unfortunate collapses in NBA history. But, the regular season won't go completely ignored. 

Even if Klay and Steph didn't show up when it mattered, the injuries to Bogut's knee and Iguodala's back are enough to kind of excuse a Finals loss. Also, LeBron's been otherworldly good. There's no way to knock the King. Game 7 is going to be lit AF. 

3. Frailty

Nothing will make you appreciate your boring, golf-loving dad quite like a movie about a crazed father who goes on a killing spree because "God" told him to. 



This 2001 film stars a pre-Oscar Matthew McConaughey and Bill Paxton; it's also Paxton's directorial debut. It focuses on two young boys' relationship with their father, who claims he must kill "demons", who according to him are disguising themselves as humans. 

A super fun, light-hearted movie to enjoy with your dad this weekend! 

4. Orange Is the New Black

Season 4 has finally landed, and DAMN, does it look intense. 

OITNB is bringing back all of our favs, as well as bringing on some "new blood." We're super excited to watch all the juicy prison drama unfold. 

However, we're even more excited to do so all at once, since Netflix original shows drop entire seasons at a time, which we're certain is an element of their long-term plot to destroy our productivity. 

If your dad really loves you, then he really loves your mom who's going to say, "We're watching OITNB, Dammit!"


5. Finding Dory 


In true Pixar fashion, they've kept us waiting literally 13 years for a sequel the beloved classic, Finding Nemo, a heart-warming tail (HEH) about a father's search for his son. 


Well now, the focus shifts to Dory, their lovable yet deeply forgettable friend, voiced by the ever-hilarious Ellen DeGeneres. 

THE LITTLE KID IN US IS SCREAMING. Okay, we're also outwardly screaming. It's been 13 years, give us a break. Your dad will thank you. 

6. Louie 

Louie is all of us, really; just a dude trying to get by. 

His darkly humorous, self-titled series centers around his life as a comedian and single father in New York City, and the awkwardness/obstacles that go along with that. 

It's hilarious, it's #relatable, and it produces brilliant, quotable gems like the one seen in the above clip.

7. Game of Thrones


This episode is called "Battle of the Bastards," so it's definitely something your dad would be into. 


We broke it down because not only is this going to be a huge episode, but it's important to map out where exactly the f*cking dads in Westeros are. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Goodreads.com] 

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