15 Touristy Things All New Yorkers Gotta Do Before They Die

There’s a fine line New Yorkers have to balance on constantly. We live in a city that the whole world wants to see, so that means lots of touristy things.

While it’s easy to just be annoyed at all the visitors, it’s important to remember why they’re here; to marvel at the magnificence that is Gotham.

That’s why it’s also important for New Yorkers to take in their own city’s sites as well. 

We could all use a reminder of just how awesome a city New York really is.

Here are 15 things visitors flock to New York to see, that you should see too, if you haven’t already.

Top of the Rock


Rockefeller Center is a huge draw in and of itself, but it’s the Top of the Rock that everyone should do. 


The view is arguably the best in New York City, because it includes the Empire State Building along with every other iconic landmark in the Big Apple.

Roosevelt Island

From the tram ride to the abandoned mental hospital at the south end where Spider-Man had his final showdown with the Green Goblin in the movie, those who live here easily overlook Roosevelt Island.

But the truth is that it’s a fun day out and gives you another perspective to see your own city from.

Spend a day in Prospect Park


Frederick Law Olmsted designed Central Park, but he also created Prospect Park with Calvert Vaux. Considered a true masterpiece, Prospect Park features rolling pastoral meadows and winding trails through forested hills.

During the winter there’s a skating rink, and in the summer it’s for roller-skating. There are paddle-boats, tandem bikes, a water park, a Carousel, it’s connected to Prospect Zoo and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and animals like ducks, geese, swans, turtles, and yes, rabbits all live there.

King’s Theater


This lavish theater in Brooklyn has only recently been made available again to New Yorkers, re-opened in 2010 after being closed since 1977. 

This palace of entertainment, established in 1929, has been hosting top flight talent ever since.

The Intrepid

There is an aircraft carrier docked on the Hudson River. 

It is accompanied by the Concorde, a submarine, and is fully stocked with propeller and jet planes, helicopters, and the freakin’ Enterprise Space Shuttle.

Sea Glass Carousel


Ride in giant fish bobbing up and down while Battery Park rotates around you outside. New-Age-y style music burbles while colored lights complete the illusion of an undersea effect. 

You’ll be excused for singing numbers from The Little Mermaid.

The Chrysler Building


This Art Deco Masterpiece is world renowned for its singular look. 


Simply standing outside of it on a beautiful day, watching the sunlight glint and play upon its spire and sculpture could be enough. But you should take a tour as well.

Randall’s Island


You can’t get there by car. Randall’s Island offers what you wouldn’t think you could find in New York City, a complete escape from an urn=ban environment. 

It offers tennis, golf, fishing, and miles upon miles of pedestrian and bike paths.


The Apollo Theater


It’s Show Time, at the Ap-OLL-oh! Everybody needs to go to the Apollo Theater. 


It’s world famous for a reason, and sitting in the audience during one of their variety/talent/survival shows is a blast and a half.

The Queens Museum’s panorama of New York City