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It's a Love-Hate Relationship: All the Small Things We All Secretly Love About Hipsters

We hate hipsters. 

They come to our city with their trust funds and their eclectic taste in just about everything, gentrifying our neighborhoods and pushing us out of our own city. 

But we can't deny that some of their tendencies have ushered in some rather welcome changes, though we'd never readily admit it.

Okay, so let's back up. Hate is a strong word. We don't hate much of anything. 

If anything, hipsters are just a weird guilty pleasure. Acknowledging the things we like about them kind of makes us hate ourselves.

So while we'll always outwardly curse out the influx of hipsters, we'll gladly do so while drinking a perfectly brewed IPA from a random brewery we've never heard of.

Here are some of the things we secretly like about hipsters-- but we'd rather cut off our arm before admitting to it. 

Eclectic food tastes


We're not one to pass up a burger, but we're also not one to say that just because that burger includes a fried egg, gourmet smoked bacon, fried herbs, and bits of pork in the patty, it's too hipster to eat. 


Without hipsters, we may not have the epic culinary creations of NYC. We might not even have Smorgasburg. And who could live without this incredible food feast every weekend? Not us. So yeah... thanks, hipsters. 

Sometimes, we like their taste in music


Uh, have you ever heard of Coachella? Yea, we're down with their music. 

While we may not be into much else about them, we can dig one of the most epic music festivals known to man. 

Day drinking under the sun and jamming out to the likes of Calvin Harris, Zedd, LCD Soundsystem, and Ellie Goulding, and tons more? Yea, we're there. 

Oh, you want to go, too? Word. Say word. You can do it. All of the cool kids are doin' it, and the hipsters were doin' it before the cool kids thought it'd be a cool thing to do. 

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All-season flannel

You know you secretly like it too. Flannel. All the time. 


If anything, blame clothing designers for making flannel or flannel-looking clothes available year-round. 

In the winter, it's layered. In the summer, it's without an undershirt. Sometimes it's blah, but sometimes it works. 


They bring in craft beers

Alright, so we're not beer snobs, but we know a good beer when we taste it. 

Having grown up on Keystone, Natty Ice, and Busch, we're pretty sure that anything is a step up from our past. 


But when you taste a perfectly brewed, hoppy IPA from some brewery in a place you've never heard of, you realize why the hipsters like their fancy beers.

Of course, for every hipster IPA, there's another flannel-flagged goon posted up drinking PBR. Maybe they're just a little too into David Lynch movies. Yeah, that sounds about right. 

We really like their cocktails


So you went to a hipster, craft-cocktail, speakeasy and had some drink with house-made whiskey, lavender infused simple syrup, and a flaming orange peel. You balk at the price. 

Then again, you're in a hoity-toity Williamsburg bar. The price is the same everywhere. You could throw a rock anywhere and hit some hipster carefully stirring a $15 craft cocktail they probably advertise as both vegan-friendly and non-GMO. You want to throw that rock harder.

But guess what? Once you take your first sip, you're over the sticker shock... or at least, the alcohol is numbing the fact that you will be unable to pay rent this month due to a friggin' cocktail. 

You know what we'd like even more than one of their fancy, gourmet cocktails? A fancy, gourmet cocktail that doesn't cost nearly twenty bucks, thank you very much. That'd be cool before it was cool. Get on it, hipsters.

Sometimes we like their lack of hygiene


Hear us out on this one. How many times have you walked out of your apartment looking like a dirty, gross mess, but not really given a sh*t because you can throw on a flannel and call it "hip?"


Sure, you don't have the wide, bold colorful glasses or handlebar mustache, but you sure as heck don't need to feel guilty when you're in that state in public. 

Plus, if you've showered in the last 48 hours or so, you're guaranteed to look and/or smell more put together than a hipster, therefore, we owe them our thanks. 

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