Pour One Out for the Subway: 8 Things We'll Miss the Most When the N Line Shuts Down

You've probably heard that starting on Monday, the N train will close along nine stops between Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park, and 86th Street in Bensonhurst. Those stops will stay closed for 14 months.

Of course, this information is more upsetting for people who rely on the N train to get to work, but we're lamenting the loss of a segment of mobility for all New Yorkers.

Since it's cold outside, we're very into doing things from right off the subway. We were looking forward to hitting all the great bars and spots off the N line.

We mean, we've been all about visiting the hotspots of the A, C, and E trains, getting wild off the 4, 5, and 6 trains, and satiating ourselves at the bars and restaurants off the B, D, F, and M trains. 

We were really looking forward to doing the same off the N train. Sadly, that won't be our reality this winter since the stations' Manhattan-bound platforms will close on Monday, and maintenance on the Coney Island-bound platforms will begin once they're completed.

Read on to find out all the great stuff off the L line we'll miss out on this season, due to those pesky closures. Can't wait to visit them in March of 2017.

1. 100 Fun (932 60th Street - Brooklyn)

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100 Fun is one block off the Fort Hamilton Parkway stop on the N train. You know, it's one of the night stops whose doors will be closed until March of 2017.

We're not sure how we're going to get there now, which is a tragedy, because we loved belting our hearts out at this charming karaoke bar and pool hall.


It's got inexpensive drinks, a wide expanse of music selections, and affordable karaoke rates. It's been many Sunset Park's residents go-to karaoke spot because of its proximity to the train.

Now that the train is closing, we guess we'll have to take an Uber to the one karaoke bar in NYC where you're still allowed to smoke cigarettes inside.

2. J&V Pizzeria (6322 18th Avenue - Brooklyn)

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It's literally a single block away from the 18th Avenue stop off the N train, so naturally it's morphed into a staple for weary commuters trekking home from work.

They have some of the yummiest buffalo chicken slices in Bensonhurst, and they've also got square pies, white pies, and these Jo Jo sandwiches that can turn days from so-so to amazing after two bites.

One of our favorite things was ordering at their to-go window, scarfing a slice of their delicious margarita pizza on the way to the train, and then hopping on the N train, completely full and satisfied. 

Thanks to the closing of the N train, though, J&V Pizzeria is going to have to start stepping up its game delivering pizza late at night.

3. Da Vinci (6514 18th Avenue - Brooklyn)

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Another pizza gem, Da Vinci, has been Bensonhurst's go-to spot for square-cut pies since 1966.

J&V Pizzeria is a block from the 18th Avenue stop off the N train, and Da Vinci is two blocks from the 18th Avenue stop. Naturally, they've been in competition.

Now that the N train is being forced to close its doors at the proximate stop to Da Vinci and J&V Pizzeria, their longstanding rival for where to stop off and down a slice will probably cool off.


We're guessing the battle will wage with fervor in March of 2017 when the N train reopens, but for now, these two shops will probably languish in the N train's absence. 

We'll still probably find our way out to Da Vinci, to tell you the truth. Its square slices are doughy but also balance the perfect proportion of crunchy to chewy. They also have delicious chicken rolls. It's a special place.

4. DK Kitchen (84 Avenue O - Brooklyn)

kellylook Yummmm 😁

We will definitely miss the convenience of dining at this Asian fusion restaurant right off the Bay Parkway stop on the N train. Why was dining at DK Kitchen on the way to and from the N train so excellent?

The reasons are plentiful, but we think their perfectly executed soufflé pretty much covers it. We also have to shout out their sirloin steak, and the lobster soup. 

The food here is always fabulous, entirely affordable, and we'll really miss the crabmeat portobello appetizer. We mean, maybe we'll still get it in the N train's absence, but it'll definitely be harder. 


5. Favor Taste (732 61st Street - Brooklyn)

paulad219 Korean BBQ time part 2!! #noms #somuchfood #endlessmeat #ohyea #imafatboyatheart @eugluk

Favor Taste is right beside the 8th Avenue stop off the N train. Or should we say was? Favor Taste was right beside the 8th Avenue stop off the N train, and will be again in March of 2017.

Favor Taste is a perfect example of some really great Korean barbecue and hot pot. If you like their Facebook page, they give you free ice cream. 


There's also plenty of tender, succulent meat, and it's grilled right in front of your face, which is always a blast.

It tends to be packed because it's delicious, the atmosphere is great, and it's right beside the subway. So, we guess the one morsel of good news about this whole situation is maybe Favor Taste will be less crowded.

6. Pio Pio (282 Kings Highway - Brooklyn)

djalibc 🐠🐟🐡🐬

This casual Peruvian restaurant stole our hearts from our first bite of their rotisserie chicken topped in their special sauce.

We're also huge fans of its proximity to the Kings Highway stop off the N train, which, you know, really used to come in handy.

It's less than a block from the Kings Highway stop, which made it great to pop in, munch on some avocado salad-- or their matador combo, and then popping back out.

The great thing about Pio Pio was that it made it easier for locals to get their Peruvian chicken fix. Of course, Pio Pio has other locations in Manhattan and Queens, but getting to this one will be harder now. Thanks for nothing, MTA.

7. Cafe on the Hill (153 Avenue U - Brooklyn)

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It's less than a block from the Avenue U stop off the N train. Which was delightful.

We're sad about having less convenient access to Cafe on the Hill because we loved their straightforward, delicious take on American food.


Really, we love their burgers, onion rings, and fries. Like we said, it's straightforward, only Cafe on the Hill strays off the beaten path when it comes to coffee. They've got some serious masterpiece coffee specials.

We're bummed that we'll have a harder time getting to Cafe on the Hill starting Monday. It's super lame.

8. Downhouse Lounge (250 Avenue X - Brooklyn)

anetkanatochi #downhouse 😘

Here's the good news. We had to end this mostly depressing article with some good news. Yes, it was super convenient to get to Downhouse Lounge from the 86th Street stop off the N train. It was only about a four block walk to get to this very chill watering hole.

The food is delicious, especially the seared tuna salad, and they have hookah. Oh, also they have really incredible musical performances. 

The good news? Well, you can still ride the F train to Avenue X, and find yourself at Downtown Lounge in one block of walking! So all hope isn't totally lost.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Macaulay Honors College] 

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