9 Weird & Meaningless Things Only New Yorkers Get Excited About

In New York City, we rack up different victories than any person who lives anywhere else. 

For instance, in NYC we might be really thrilled that we slept the whole night through without being awoken by a honking cab, whereas people in other places might be furious to be woken up by such a cab.

In NYC, we might be so excited that we didn't encounter a single rat on our trip home, or that our subway actually ran without delays today.

Do you see what we mean? We often have lower standards for cleanliness or crowdedness than people from other places. We get excited when the tables are separate at restaurants, and we imagine for people elsewhere that'd be par for the course at restaurants.

Want to find out what things would likely escape the notice of someone from somewhere else, but could thrill a New Yorker? Read on to find out what they are. 

1. A parking spot

vafromsc Would love to see the owner of this #smartcar try to maneuver it out of this #nycparkingspot

If you've ever driven in NYC, you know scoring a parking spot is no small victory.

In fact, when you drive in NYC, scoring a parking spot can be the high point of your day, week, or even month.


In other cities, we imagine parking spaces to be as plentiful as air, as numerous as sidewalk cracks. In other cities and especially in suburbs, people can just roll up to their destination, park their car, and walk inside like everything's normal.

When it comes to parking in NYC, the lows are low but the highs are truly very high.

2. A seat on the train

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Would people from other cities be thrilled about the prospect of squeezing themselves in between two sort of smelly people on a plastic seat on a train?

We're going to go with probably not. In NYC, we do get excited about this because the trains are usually packed, and grabbing yourself a seat on one of them, especially on a crowded one during rush hour, is no small victory.

We're guessing that people who live elsewhere and get places by driving their cars wouldn't be super stoked about scoring a seat on the train. They'd expect it.

3. Being on time

sexystrongnonlyy People may put up a front, and make themselves or their life seem perfect..but it's not. No one is perfect and that's ok. #perfection is Not a Goal! #Beingreal is

Don't judge us, please. We're busy people and we're constantly maneuvering busy sidewalks, crowded trains, and trying to slip in naps when we can.

So, no, we're not notoriously known for our tendency to be on time anywhere. However, when we are on time? Well, then we're like six-year-olds on Christmas morning.

We might be seen skipping around the restaurant, breathing in the air of an event that hasn't yet begun. We might condescendingly text our friends, "It's okay that you're not here yet, I'm just relaxing at the bar."

This smugness will only last until the next social event, when we're inevitably late, but we'll keep the joy and wonder of being early that one time with us for all eternity.

4. A second date

shannyp73 LOL,this is seriously so true for so many. 😂 #truth #lesbian #lesbianproblems #uhaulinit #seconddate #nope

Yeah, no one in NYC ever goes on second dates. In NYC, second dates are about as rare as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.

Why could that be? Well, for your daily dose of devastating statistics, people who live in NYC are statistically less likely to get married before 30. Bummer.


We're all a bunch of work-crazed, partying maniacs. We're all so focused on getting drunk-- and then finding pizza --that we don't really understand what the concept of a second date means.

So when it happens, we feel like we've struck gold. Our standards are so low, we tend to get thrilled when we get a text back. A second date? Fuhgeddaboutit. 

5. No plans

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In other cities, do people get excited when it hits nighttime and they check their calendar and realize they've made dinner plans?

Or even better, that they've made party plans?

In NYC, that's not our situation at all. Here, we're always running around, dodging dinner plans, going to work, slurping cocktails at happy hour, and trying to snag three hours sleep before we have to go to work again.

So let us tell you about that moment we check out our calendars for the evening and we discover we have absolutely no plans. That is one sweet moment. That might even be the sweetest moment.

We're guessing New Yorkers are the people in this country who get most thrilled to take a shower, get into bed, and do absolutely nothing.


6. Close-by plans

amberlouise_p Story of our lives @bethanyamelia02...😂 #EarlyBirds

Do people in other places get excited by close-by plans? Probably. Or maybe they like the thrill of venturing out of their comfort area for a night on the town.

However, the excitement that hits a New Yorker's emotional threshold when that party invitation rolls in, and it's in our neighborhood, is an unparalleled excitement.


We will, in fact, be able to stop by that party for "a drink or two." We really mean that, too. We'll literally only have a drink or two and get out of there.

We're all pretty petrified of going to any date or party that isn't within three subways stops of our apartments, because then we'll be stranded there for the long haul, but when things are close, that's when things are pretty great.

7. Washing machines and dishwashers

frederiekebloem Did my laundry! Dirtyfreddy time to wash myself! 🛀🏽 #laundry #washingmachine

In other places, washing machines and dishwashers are the common appliances used by common people on common days to wash their clothes and dishes.

In NYC, washing machines and dishwashers are the height of luxury. If you live in NYC and your apartment possesses one or both of these appliances, your guests are likely to regard them with the enthusiasm one might express for a pretty lamp or an expensive rug.

Instead, we've got our guests whistling and looking at our washing machine in disbelief saying, "Now, that," while pointing, "that is fancy." 

8. Home cooked food

merranharrison #pasta night #dinner a quick #homecooked #penne #arrabbiata with a well deserved glass of #wine no one needs to by jar sauce this is #yummy and #costeffective#homemeal#homecooked#homecooking#homecookedfood#easymeals#carbs#whoneedstakeaway#foodie#foodgram#instafood#foodstagram#foodstagramming#food#eat#weeknightdinner#foodporn#italiancooking

Maybe in other cities people get really excited to eat at restaurants. Or takeout. They'd be so stoked by takeout because they're so tired of that homemade meatloaf or all that homemade grilled salmon.

Us, though? Well, we basically subsist on Seamless Chinese food and beer, so when we find out someone is actually cooking us something, we react like they just told us we've won an NBA championship.


You can catch us at the adult party eating all the homemade food like it's our first meal in weeks. It isn't our first meal in weeks, but it is our first meal that wasn't prepared at a bodega or restaurant in weeks, so, same thing, right?

9. No line for the bathroom

al1_son Ya so this is what went on Saturday night!!! Birthday weekend #1 @tricheyfishy #toofunny #darkhorse #basement #nobathroomlines #imabear

We're at a crowded bar and we have to use the bathroom? Usually, this is a huge issue. Usually, this involves us ponying up for a twenty minute wait, during which time we have to comfort a crying person and sacrifice our dignity.

When there isn't a line, though, the whole thing seems laughably easy. How could we live in the city with the most fun party scene on the planet and be able to go to the bathroom without waiting?

Sometimes, us New Yorkers just can't believe how lucky we are.

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