9 Best Things to Eat, Drink, and Do Off the Q, R, and Z Subway Lines in NYC

You noticed how cold it was this morning, right? We mean, how could you not? It was painful to have our faces exposed to the wind when we ventured from the beauty and comfort of our apartments this morning.

For that reason, we think the best idea we've ever had for having fun in winter is doing activities in close proximity to subway stations.

We think heading out to bars, restaurants, museums, and concerts near subway stations is far preferable to spending the rest of January (and all of February) in hibernation. Do you agree?

Luckily, there are lots of fun things to do really, really close to the subway. There are fun things to do off the A, C, and E, the 4, 5, and 6, the B, D, F, and M, the 1, 2, and 3 lines, and even the L line, while its Brooklyn-to-Manhattan service lasts.

We'd also like to propose a moment of silence for the N train, since nine of its stops closed for 14 months in Brooklyn on Monday. Still, all hope is not lost, and you can still have fun off the Q, R, and Z. Read on to find out how.

1. Museum of the Moving Image (3601 35th Avenue - Queens)

tamaskunsagi #newyork #museumofthemovingimage

The Museum of the Moving Image is four steps away from the Steinway Street stop on the R train, and it's a pretty stellar way to spend a frigid winter day.

It's got costumes from a ton of famous movies, video games from the 90s, and a lot of super entertaining rotating exhibits. If you want to learn about how cats conquered the internet, you have until the end of January.


If you love movies, it'll give you a really in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes and productions of your favorites.

2. The Public Theater (425 Lafayette Street)

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Get off the Q or R trains at 8th Street - NYU to catch a performance at The Public Theater. To be clear: you should definitely catch a performance at The Public Theater.

The fact that it's less than a block from the 8th Street station is really helpful, too. The famous theater stages a ton of really impactful places for prices you can stomach. It was founded with the intention of showcasing up-and-coming playwrights and performers, and you can help make that goal happen.

You're in the cultural capital of the world. Don't spend your winter watching Netflix in bed. Catch a show at The Public Theater instead.

3. Lure Fishbar (142 Mercer Street)

eatthisdrinkthat Nothing better than a 10pm snack, Lure Fishbar: spaghetti, sea urchin, crab, red finger chili.#lurefishbar

Want to eat the most delicious seafood in the city in a sick, nautical setting? 

Then ride the Q or R trains to Prince Street. Strolling the approximately eight steps it'll take you to get to Lure Fishbar is your next best move.

We mean it. You need to try the lobster croutons, or the lure house roll, or, you know, chicken lollipops.

Lure Fishbar is an NYC gem, and if you haven't yet tried it, get on the Q or R trains and get to it.

4. The Mercer Kitchen (99 Prince Street)

carolcassabgenaro Hmmm 😱 #TheMercerKitchen 🍸

The vibe at The Mercer Kitchen is everything you'd want: Huge portions, delicious food, and a steamed shrimp salad in champagne vinaigrette.

We can't forget to mention the wasabi pizza. We also have to shout out that raw tuna: you've had our hearts from the first time we tried you. 


Everything at The Mercer Kitchen makes us swoon. Especially the truffle pizza and sea bass. Even better news? It's one block away from the Prince Street stop off the Q and R. Wins all around.

5. Balthazar (80 Spring Street)

gzchef Just a light Friday snack...delicious as always here at #BalthazarNYC #Balthazar #SeafoodTower #Shellfish #Seafood

You want a good quality meal? Balthazar has that. They've got superstar steak frites, seared organic salmon we dream about, and really delicious oysters.

Yes, it's on the more expensive side, but in our opinion, it's worth shelling out some extra bills every once in a while to experience the best NYC has to offer.

Winter is tough. Why not treat yourself? Get off the R train at Prince Street and walk the single block to Balthazar next time you want a really quality duck shepherd's pie.


6. Junior's Cheesecake (386 Flatbush Avenue Extension - Brooklyn)

yolandaedwards Dessert duty calls #juniorscheesecake

If you haven't heard about Junior's, we can't help you. It's the most famous cheesecake in the Western Hemisphere, and you can experience its rich, cheesy decadence right off the DeKalb Avenue stop on the Q and R trains in Brooklyn.


We'll be 100% clear about this: you will never have a better slice of cheesecake in your life. They've got strawberry, chocolate swirl, raspberry, and banana. Oh, they have plain too.

Another great fact is that Junior's is nine steps from the Dekalb Avenue stop. Yes, nine. We counted.

7. 4th Avenue Pub (76 4th Avenue - Brooklyn)

fourthavepub We could all use a little touch of Florida in NYC right about now. @cigarcitybrewing Jai Alai IPA now on draft. #craftale #craftbeer #flcraftbeer #cigarcity #cigarcitybrewing #tampa #florida #IPA #jaialai #jaialaiipa #hops #hoppy #happyhour #fourthavepub #fourthavenuepub #4thavenuepub #craftbeernotcrapbeer #cigar #winter #itscoldoutside #skibeernyc #skibeer #haveacigar

Would you believe that 4th Avenue pub is on 4th Avenue? We didn't either, and then we found out how generous their happy hour deals are, and we were more blown away by that.

They've got free, freshly popped popcorn for all who grace their door, and the widest variety of beers just about anywhere in the city.

Our point about 4th Avenue Pub: it's worth the trip from anywhere. It's also a pleasant stroll from the Atlantic Avenue - Barclays stop off the R train. By pleasant stroll we mean one block in the freezing cold. Are you tough enough to handle one block for an amazing bar with chill vibes?

8. Tacos El Bronco

risforrobots Tacos were ... Pretty good ... But at $1.50 the price was right #tacoselbronco #sunsetpark #car2go

Get yourself to the 45th Street station off the N and R line for some really excellent tacos at Tacos El Bronco. The tacos here are served with everything tacos should have: double tortilla, limes, radishes, cebollas, and three options of salsa.

They also have every taco filling you could think of from salted pork, to tongue, to veal head. We're a bit skeptical about the tongue, but we heard they're delicious.


It's many people's favorite taco place ever. Is it because of the free salsa and chips right when you sit down? Maybe. Is just about every item on the menu addicting? Absolutely.

It's two blocks from the 45th Street R station, so that's about all we need to know.

9. Paphos Diner (2501 Fulton Street - Brooklyn)

paphosdiner #paphosdiner #neworleanspoboy

Ride the Z train to Alabama Avenue and walk the block it'll take to get to Paphos Diner to find out all you need to know.

Paphos Diner has huge, fluffy French toast, very tasty soup, and fresh, delicious pasta dishes on which they'll grate parmesan cheese.

Paphos Diner is a great choice for any meal, especially breakfast. They serve huge portions for affordable prices and we're all about it.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Waywuwei/Flickr] 

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