8 Best Things to Do With Your Snowday in NYC

Who said snow days are just for kids? Whoever said that didn't really understand the world. 

Here's the situation: adults love fun just as much as kids, and we definitely want to get out and play in it. 

Luckily, we're here to give you tips on how to have the most fun snow day you've ever had. How would you survive your snow day without us?

Mostly, we're pumped we even get snow. We always start to panic when seemingly freakish snow storms like Storm Jonas seem like they're going to be our only snowstorm of the season. That would be absolutely unacceptable.

Read on to find out our best tips about how to best spend your snow day in New York City.

1. The High Line sculpt-offs

highlinenyc We love all the visitor-constructed snow creations that have popped up along the park, especially this friendly guy at West 18th Street. 😊

Do you like winning?

Yeah, we love winning too. Lucky for us, and for you, we can all visit the High Line's sculpting contests when there's snow on the ground.

All you have to do is follow the High Line on Twitter, and they'll post about whether they're open to visitors. They'll also announce there sculpting contests there every time it snows until February 28th.


If you enter the sculpt-off, you'll have the chance to win prizes when all the pictures are put in front of judges on March 1st. 

To participate, go to the High Line and sculpt a snow creation like your name is Michelangelo. Then, post a picture of your masterpiece to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #Sculptoff, and then your team category, either #family or #grownups.

We truly hope you win. May the force be with you.

2. Drink mimosas

wheresandiego ///MIMOSA FLIGHT/// has us pining for the weekend. (#tgif) Get your #bubbles fix with 6 different mimosa flavors at @stellapublichousesd and pair with their delicious #brunch menu. We recommend the avocado toast with smoked salmon and the specialty eggs benedict! #mimosas #weekendready #brunchspot #WhereToEat #SanDiegoDining #EastVillage #AmericasFinestCity #mimosaflight #sandiegobrunch #sdeats #WhereToDrink #forkyeah #foodstagram #sdfoodie #breakfastlibations #SanDiego #SoCal #LoveSoCal #SoCalPulse #wheresandiego #stayhungrySanDiego #staythirsty

Are mimosas the official drink of snowstorms? In our opinions, absolutely.

If you're more of a wine person, or a whiskey person, or if you're completely and totally in love with beer, we're not going to tell you you have to drink mimosas.

We will say that if you sling some orange juice into a cup and gulp it down with some champagne, you'll feel buzzed and happy. You'll be ready to celebrate like you just won a championship game. 

Isn't that what snow days are all about?

3. Go sledding

christinedfromnyc Central Park Sledding is on! #pilgrimhill#nycsledding

Once you've downed all the mimosas you can take, you should probably grab a sled and hit a hill.

Manhattan doesn't mean "land of many hills" for nothing. Yeah, "land of many hills," is the indigenous translation for Manhattan. Also, the outer boroughs have some pretty great hills too.


Are you wondering where all the best hills are? That's what we're here for, isn't it?

If you want our advice, you should hit Inwood Hill Park, or Morningside Park, or Prospect Park. Grab your most fun pals and get ready for some exhilarating rides.

4. NYC Parks Snow Days

eileenmenyphoto Makes me miss wolcott park!#vscocam#riversidepark#juno#nycsledding#walkswitheleanor

Don't have a sled of your own? Don't worry.

NYC rocks, and NYC Parks has got you on this one. On days when there's snow on the ground, NYC Parks offers snow days at several parks throughout the city.

They're at Crotona Park in the Bronx, Prospect Park and Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, Morningside Park in Manhattan, Juniper Valley Park in Queens, and Clove Lakes Park on Staten Island.

At these snow parties, NYC Parks offers sleds you can borrow for free, snowman building contests, snow angel contests, friendly snowball fights, music, and free hot chocolate.

So, yeah, it's a total blast. To find out whether it's an NYC Parks snow day, either call 311 or visit this page.


5. Go for a walk

directfashionlink @voguebrasil Em Nova York #newyorkcity #newyorksnow #snowinnyc2016 #snowingoutside #centralparkinsnow #snowincentralpark #like #liketolike

Hanging out inside your apartment is a blast, obviously. We're all about binge watching shows and movies, eating, and cuddling.

When the cabin fever gets to be a bit much though, don't be afraid to snap on your snow boots, don a pair of snow pants, and hit the town.


You should especially do this because of how beautiful NYC can get when it's covered in a layer of snow.

Don't believe us? Look out your window, at the trees dripping with glittering snow. Check out the snow covered street lamps and snow covered buildings. Walk to your nearest park and take in the happiness of screaming, sledding kids, and happy dogs. You'll be glad you did.

6. Binge watch TV

oitnb.family Binge session in progress🙏👀 #OITNB #Tacos #Netflix #bingewatching

All these outdoor suggestions are great, but if the last thing you feel like doing is leaving your apartment, then we're totally with you.

This is your perfect chance to catch up on all the shows you've been meaning to watch! You'll be so much more able to participate in conversations if you spend several hours watching all the shows your friends always talk about this weekend.

In the mood to learn? Catch a documentary. Want to laugh? Watch John Mulaney's standup on Netflix. Trust us, it's stellar. Also, Chelsea Handler's documentary is pretty great, too.

7. Clean your apartment

samuelbmorris #home #mydubai #livingroom #furniture #decor #cleanapartment

Okay, we're sorry. We know this idea is boring and kind of lame, but how great does it feel to have a clean apartment?

We'll just go ahead and answer that one ourselves. It feels so great.

Also, if you don't feel like actually doing anything but you still want to accomplish the feat of having a clean apartment, you could always use Handy. They'll come clean your apartment, screw in your lightbulbs, you name it.


The same goes for getting your clothes washed. No one wants to spend their snow day sitting in a laundromat, and that's why there's FlyCleaners and Cleanly, two on-demand pick-up services that come to your apartment, get your clothes, wash them, and bring them back.

If that's not the best thing since sliced bread we don't know what is.

8. Bake and do art

aldonabudna Keep calm and eat your protein cookies. Oh goodness how much i love inventing stuff! For extra nutritions, only almond and coconut flour, protein powder, coconut oil for some moisture. Voilá! Hope you are hungry now 😁 #mycookies #protein #goodies #homemadecookies #bakingandart

We mean, to some people baking is art, but you know what we mean. You can bake some delicious brownies and then color pictures.

We mean it, coloring is not just for children. Coloring is also definitely fun for adults.

Also, if you're painting with watercolors or constructing a handmade scrap book or whatever crafting project you've chosen for yourself, all of these activities are much more fun with a batch of freshly baked brownies or cookies. 

Trust us, we're experts on this one.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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