7 Best Things to Have If You're Completely Fed Up with Time Warner Cable

So Time Warner Cable just announced that they're raising their already ridiculous rates due to a merger with Charter Communications. 

We might be inclined to allow this increase in price without too much grumbling if their service didn't, well, suck. 

Instead, we've realized that we really don't need Time Warner Cable to continue making our lives pure and utter hell just so we can watch some live TV when there are so many better, and much cheaper options available to us. 

Sure, you might have to wait a day or two to watch the newest episode of NCIS, but you'll end up having a ton more money to spend on the weekend. 

Plus, you probably already watch most of these much more than you watch cable anyway, so let's just break it to you: you don't need cable. 

Here are our favorite alternatives to turn to when you cut Time Warner Cable (and a lot of stress) out of your life. 

1. Netflix

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Um, if you don't have Netflix, how do you chill? 

Seriously, this is an honest question that we're baffled by. Netflix is like God's gift to millennials and people who don't want to pay crazy amounts of money for TWC's cable package. 


Plus, if your parents have Netflix, you can save $7.99 or $11.99 a month by snagging their password or creating your own profile on their account, so when you have a drunken Disney marathon, they won't question why someone was watching Mulan at 2 a.m. 

2. Hulu Plus

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Have you ever heard of the phrase Hulu and chill? No? How about Hulu and hook-up?Just as good. Sometimes you just can't wait for the latest seasons of shows to come out on Netflix. 

You can even stream movies and full series from your Hulu account, all for $7.99 a month... unless you want Showtime- that's another $1 a month. Really hate commercials? Grab their commercial free option for $11.99 a month. Don't want to commit? Try it for a week for free

3. Amazon Prime Instant Video

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Alright, listen up folks. Amazon Prime is $99 a year. Sure, that sounds like a lot, but guess how much Netflix is in one year? $95.88. 

You can basically pay just under $100 a year for Amazon's selection of TV shows and movies (uhh, they have Free Willy, duh), unlimited, free, two-day shipping from anything bought on Amazon, and you can have alcohol delivered to your door within an hour. #winning. 


We're going to say that since you can use one month's TWC bill for Amazon Prime, you can use the next for Netflix. Now armed with both, you're absolutely golden. 

4. Apple TV

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Movie buff? Music lover? Season binge watcher? You need to check out Apple TV. It's certainly the pricier option compared to Time Warner Cable, but you won't ever have to worry about shoddy customer service if you ever have a problem (praise the genius bar). 

So you know that Apple gift card your weird uncle got you thinking you can use it on iTunes? Use it on an Apple TV. Then you can use the iTunes gift cards your Grandma bought on some new movies... or old classics (remember that drunken Disney night? Yea, invite us over. We'll bring the booze). 


5. Google Chromecast 

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This is essentially the absolutely least expensive version of Apple TV. For only $35, you can plug in your brand new Google Chromecast to the HDMI port on your TV and use your phone to stream TV shows, movies, sports, and music. 


Sure, you're still limited (as are all of these services) in the sense that you pretty much won't be able to watch live shows, but you can stream almost anything (aside from iTunes protected content) from your phone, tablet-- whatever. 

6. Roku

great_1738 @timewarnercable Goes out every evening, customer service is horrible, if they don't just hang up on you. I'm done. Canceling this crap today & they'll probably get that wrong too. #twcsucks

With hundreds of free channels, and the option to stream services like Hulu or Netflix through your TV, Roku makes a variety of devices for you to plug into your TV, set up with internet, and stream away. 

Their cheapest option is only $39.99, with their HD versions going for as little as $49.99 or $69.99. You can even run 4K for Ultra HD TVs for $129.99. Essentially, it's a one-time payment so you can forever be free from Time Warner Cable. 

7. Books

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Guess what a book from the library costs? $0. That is if you turn it back in on time... Entertainment for free. Who woulda thunk it?

If you want to get technological with it, you can check out Amazon Kindles, Nooks, and other reading devices. Heck, you can even play games on them.


You can even download the Kindle app to most smart devices/computers, and read a variety of books, some as little as $.99. 

Seriously, books are great. You should try them sometime. 

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