11 Things You Absolutely Need to Do Outdoors in NYC Now That It's Spring

In case you haven't checked the weather forecasts recently, the freezing cold seems to be behind us. 

Sure, we can't be expecting perfect mid 70˚F days, but we can look forward to some beautiful mild weather. 

Spring has finally sprung, and there are so many things that you absolutely have to do to usher in the change of season. 

Between admiring the budding flowers and trees or simply taking in the cool breezes, this weather is perfect for enjoying all of the outdoor activities this city has to offer.

Here are some of the things you absolutely have to do before the scorching heat of summer. 

Picnic in the park

Grab a blanket, a cooler, some sandwiches, and some sneakily hidden alcoholic beverages, and head to your favorite shady spot in the park. In case you missed it, it's been a relatively mild end of winter, and for that, we're grateful. 


So it's time to get outdoors and celebrate with a good old fashioned spring picnic. There's truly no better way to spend your spring afternoon than lazing in the cool sun. 

Drink on a rooftop

New York City has some truly phenomenal outdoor spaces, most of which are multiple stories above the ground on the rooftops of buildings. Instead of simply catching a buzz in a dank old dive bar, head to one of these rooftop bars with a view. 

In the outer boroughs? No worries, you've got some incredible rooftop bars to soak in the spring weather. 

Walk instead of taking the subway

Did we mention it's almost swimsuit season? Whether you like it or not, it's time to start shedding those winter pounds. How about saving some money while burning some calories? 

You can kill two birds with one stone by walking in the mild weather instead of paying for the subway or (worse) for a taxi. 

Get out of the city

There are so many beautiful escapes just outside of the city that you absolutely have to check out this spring. Somehow, the concrete jungle we live in just never feels as beautiful as the rolling hills of budding trees and flowers. 


You don't have to go far, just spend a day taking the spring outside of the city. We can pretty much guarantee that after a few days you'll be grateful for the chance to come back to the city. 

Play hooky


You know all of those saved up sick days or vacation days you've got? Use one. Spend a day calming yourself from the hustle and bustle of this city. 

It can stress you out if you let it, but spend just one day outside of the office enjoying the beautiful weather, and you'll be as good as new. 


Exercise outdoors


Remember that pesky thing called swimsuit season? Instead of attempting to psyche yourself up with enough motivation to go to the gym along with half of the population of New York, head outside instead. 


Whether you're interested in jogging, yoga, biking, hiking, whatever, there's plenty of opportunity to exercise under the spring sun.   

Spend your lunch hour outside


Do you know how many benches there are in this city? A lot. So instead of grabbing a quick lunch to scarf down mindlessly at your desk, find a bench and take a quick break to enjoy your food and the weather. 

To be honest, you'll probably be more refreshed and ready to go by the time you make it back to your desk to finish out the workday. 

Shop at farmers markets


Why spend $3 for a piece of fruit at Wholefoods or Trader Joes, when you can buy the apple directly from a human responsible for growing it? 

Whether or not you care about where your food comes from, it's much cheaper to purchase produce at a farmer's market because it cuts out the middle man. 

Open your window


We know that this city often smells a bit, well, disgusting. Most of us would rather chop off our own arm than open the windows on a 90˚F garbage day, but we're not there yet. Until then, let the fresh air (or as fresh as it can be in NYC) inside. 

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