These 8 Impressive NYC Restaurants Are Perfect for May

You know what the perfect "bikini body" is?

Your body... with a bikini on it. 

Seriously, f*ck all of this dieting for the summer nonsense. This girl is ready to EAT. 

Al Fresco season is here and you know what that means. 

Fresh, healthy (maybe) food, and outdoor dining. We're so ready. 

1. RAW MKT (61 E 8th St)


Nothing says "al fresco" dining like a beautiful bowl of raw fish and vinegared rice.


While poke isn't necessarily new to New Yorkers, there's always more room in this city for a fast casual poke spot. RAW MKT also features Japanese and Hawaiian-inspired favorites like hand rolls and acai. They also have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. 

2. Nowadays (56-06 Cooper Ave — Brooklyn)


Warning. This may end up becoming your definitive summer hangout spot. 

Nowadays is a one-of-a-kind outdoor space for experiencing exceptional music, food, drinks and other cultural programming. The five-thousand-square-foot, sun-drenched, acoustically treated indoor bar, communal dining room and dance floor is the perfect place to chill with friends. 

You can find the menu with all of the food and drink options here

3. Beyond Sushi (134 W 37th St)


Did you know sushi could actually still be amazing without the fish?

Beyond Sushi is a 100% vegan joint celebrating the flavors of locally-sourced, seasonal produce. The chefs over at Beyond Sushi combine unconventional pairings of fruit and vegetables with whole grains to create wide-ranging vegan dishes including dumplings, noodle salads, and noodle soups. 

Food that's good for your body and good for the planet is always a winner in our book. 

4. Dr Smood  (1151 Broadway)


If you thought that last one was bougie, you have yet to see Dr Smood.

Dr Smood is an organic boutique cafe offering a carefully crafted menu of performance food for your mind, body, and soul. Not only is their food nutritionally dense, but they make their creations using sustainable sources, pure water, and nutrient-rich soil. If you've gotten to be a bit more health conscious after all those weekend benders, they've got a new location on Broadway for you to check out. 

5. The Redeye Grill (890 7th Ave)


We were pretty damn excited when the chefs at Redeye Grill came up with the sushi burger

But the sushi burger isn't all that Redeye Grill is about. They have amazing circular cocktail, sushi, and oyster bars. Their raw bar featuring a variety of seafood and sushi is a perfect start to spring. Although, we'll totally be in the corner munching on our sushi burger. 

6. Out East (509 E 6th St)

Chef Tim Meyers (previously of Charlie Bird), along with Peter Kane and Anthony Serignese just recently opened Out East in the East Village. 

Out East puts a creative spin on New American fare including vibrant crudos, salads and a variety of large plates.They feature an expansive and accessible wine list and a specially curated cocktail list. The glass atrium-style roof of the bi-level restaurant sets the perfect spring vibe. 

7. Beaubourge (225 Liberty St)

This French-American restaurant has one of the most beautiful patios in the city. 


Beaubourge claims to be both classic French and new New York. The charming restaurant boasts beautiful views of the Hudson and delicious food options like mushroom cavatelli, croque monsieurs, and steak and tuna tartare. It's a cute little hideaway from the chaos of Battery Park City.

8. The Brooklyn Barge (3 Milton St — Brooklyn)


All aboard, mateys! You didn't forget we lived on an island, did you?

The Brooklyn Barge has been a Brooklyn staple for East river dining for years now. A night on the barge entails gorgeous Manhattan views, tasty cocktails, and fresh food. They also offer tours and kayaking lessons on certain days of the season. 

And if you've been seasick on one too many booze cruises, they've got landlocked seating for you as well. 

[via Nowadays] 

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