Theatre Picks To Kick Off Your 2018 💃👯🎭

Still straggling along in that post holiday slump? Why not give yourself something look forward to by checking out what the new year has to offer on Broadway and off? We’ve rounded up some closing shows that you don’t want to miss and a few coming up that you’ll want to be the first to check out!

Catch Em Now

1. The Children


Quick! You’ve only got until February 4th to catch an accomplished, award-winning cast of British actors imported from overseas giving unforgettable performances in the American premiere of this drama by playwright Lucy Kirkwood. 

The play’s dark, apocalyptic story depicts the moral dilemma that arises for three aging physicists in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, as well as the reverberations of a love triangle that played out in their youth. You’ll leave wondering what you would do in their shoes, and be hoping you’ll never have to find out.

2. Latin History For Morons


If you’d like a few laughs and few lessons, this one-man show from accomplished stage and screen veteran John Leguizamo might be the way to go. He uses his comedy expertise and an array of impersonations to take audiences through American history as filtered through a Latino lens. 

You’ll definitely want to hear his hilarious recounting of everything from the Trail of Tears to Trump’s Texas, and you only have until February 25 to do it!

3. John Lithgow; Stories by Heart


Here’s another one-man show for the ages, this one from 3rd Rock From The Sun and Dexter star John Lithgow. His expert enactments of two short stories, Ring Lardner’s Haircut and P. G. Wodehouse’s “Uncle Fred Flits By” are rounded out by Lithgow’s personal story of the father who first read them to him. Grab tickets before March 4!

4. Farinelli And The King


If you find your present-day life a little lacking, nbd. Until March 25th, you can scan spend the night with royalty, far away and in days long gone. The titular king is the mad Phillipe V of Spain, and Farinelli a transcendent, famed opera singer who is brought in to raise his spirits. With the vast talents of three-time Tony winner Mark Rylance and countertenor Iestyn Davies on display, theirs is a stunning journey.

5. Disco Pigs


Ready for a wild night? An off-Broadway revival of this 90’s drama by Irish playwright Enda Walsh may be just the thing. The play stars Evanna Lynch of Harry Potter fame and British actor Colin Campbell and takes us for a heart-pounding, destructive ride along with the two hard-partying best friends at its center. You only have until March 4th!

6. Cute Activist


Here’s another cool, quirky off-broadway find. With a Feb 3 closing, this is the last week you can head down to the Brooklyn’s Bushwick Starr for a new dystopian comedy that satirizes both hyper socially conscious hipster culture and the oppressive, greedy gentrifiers they bemoan. Sounds pretty with it, amirite?

Mark Your Calendars

7. Frozen


If you still can’t get Let It Go out of your head, why not relive the magic IRL? With such a big hit, Broadway was the inevitable destination for a stage version of Disney’s latest princess spectacular. Previews start February 22, and reviews from the show’s out of town run in Denver report top notch special effects and some cool new musical numbers.

8. Angels in America


This Pulitzer Prize winning epic by Tony Kushner has two separate parts, each clocking in at over 3 hours, which you can catch together on a two-show day or on two consecutive nights. Subtitled “A Gay Fantasia On National Themes”, this can’t miss play examines weighty themes against the backdrop of the AIDS crisis and Reagan administration. Previews start on Feb 23, and Nathan Lane of The Producers fame will star with Spiderman’s Andrew Garfield if you were still looking for reasons to check it out.

9. Three Tall Women


This Pulitzer Prize winning work by legendary American playwright Edward Albee is finally coming to Broadway after an acclaimed Off-Broadway run in 1994. Its plot concerns the efforts of a dying woman to make sense of her life as she interacts with two embodiments of her younger self- heavy stuff! Previews begin on February 27, and the all star cast will feature Glenda Jackson, Laurie Metcalf, and Alison Pill.

10. Carousel


The first preview of the latest revival of this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic is lined up for February 28. Hamilton’s Joshua Henry as the dashing but dangerous Billy Bigelow and Beautiful Tony winner Jessie Mueller as leading lady Julie Jordan are sure to liven up this timeless, bittersweet love story.

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