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Love 'Merica? How About This Ultimate $3,500 Boston Summer Vacation?!

Oh, Boston... what mixed feelings we have about you. 

On the one hand, you're essentially the birthplace for everything fantastically patriotic about America. Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Sam Adams... and, uh, that's about it. 

But forgive us. We're New Yorkers. We're the home of the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, Jets, and Giants. You're the villain. The Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and, ugh, yeah, we'll give you hometown credit for the everybody-hates-you New England Cheatriots Patriots. 

So, forgive us. You're a fantastic city, but we're a little hesitant to willingly venture into that particular are of New England on our own dime. 

And if you're somebody looking to book a trip to Boston this summer, stop scouring the web for buses, trains, flights, whatever - stop it. We got you. 

We've teamed up with our friends over at Caskers, The Kitchn, and Flavorwire to give you the ultimate Beantown getaway. 

You can go to Boston any day. You can see the landmarks, take in all of the Patriotic hooey, maybe even wander into Fenway Park on a dare in a Yankees shirt for no reason at all if you're so inclined. 

But don't do it for just any reason. Do it for the reason - the fundamental truth we hold so dear and precious to our hearts - that the best things in life, quite simply, are free. Like this trip to Boston.


Stop with the muss and fuss of haggling over ticket prices for flights and hotels. We're giving you $1,000 worth of airfare AND a 4-night stay at the unimpeachable Royal Sonesta

Get your mornings started with a daily breakfast at Studio Coffee shop, grab a classy and delicious dinner at ArtBar, and take in the sights on one of Boston's world-renowned Duck Tours. 

Sounds like just the right amount of incredible, right?



Okay, so if the bar for incredible is a few free nights at a hotel, free breakfast, a nice dinner, and a tour on a Duck Boat, well, good for you. You've lived. 

But we've got more because you deserve more because sh*t in Boston is poppin' off this summer

We're also giving you two tickets to brave the seas of confused Red Sox fans and catch the Yankees take them head on at Fenway. Sure, it's no Yankees Stadium, but it's okay. It's Boston. They'll catch up eventually. 

We're also giving you two tickets to your choice of concert! Feelin' the Pearl Jam vibe? Perfect. You're good. What about some decidedly dope hip-hop straight from the mouth of Jill Scott herself? We got you. Or maybe you're tryin' to catch some views with Drake? We got you


You pick the concert, we've got your tickets. 

So yeah, Boston's not all bad. Like any city, you get out what you put in. We've put in a lot here. Yankees tickets at Fenway, 4 nights at Royal Sonesta, daily breakfast at Studio Coffee Shop, a snazzy dinner at ArtBar, an epic concert experience you'll remember forever - AND DON'T FORGET THE DUCK TOUR!

This summer's going to be lit. It's going down in NYC same as it ever was - nonstop, crazy, beautiful, epic, can't-believe-I'm-here-right-now good. 

But share some love for New Englanders this summer by entering this incredible Boston getaway right here. Remember: Boston's great, but nobody should have to pay to go there. 

Just kidding. Boston's a lovely place filled with lovely people. Experience something you wouldn't otherwise by entering this giveaway. You'll be glad you did. 

Enter for Your Chance to Win This Incredible Boston Getaway Right Here.

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