New York City is full of immersive experiences.

A 1970s-set resort play, The Grand Paradise, has taken the immersive experience, made so popular by Sleep No More, one step further.

The Shipwreck Lounge only opens its doors to the public Thursdays through Sundays, and doesn't have a set opening hour.

Why so unpredictable? The Shipwreck Lounge only opens after the evenings performance of The Grand Paradise.

Seeing as how the show may not end at the same time each evening, this Brooklyn bar doesn't consistently open their doors at the same time each of the four nights they're open. 

But when they do, it's the place to be.

Don't worry, you can still get in even, if you didn't go to the night's performance of The Grand Paradise. Everyone loves a good speakeasy, and if you manage to find your way into the Shipwreck Lounge, you'll find yourself in one of the chillest tropical bars in the city.

You can get a variety of specialty mixed cocktails for $12, including a spicy piña colada (The Beach Party), for those of you who are looking to add a little spice to your life.

But, if you're more of a chilled beer type, fear not, because those cool drinks will only run you between $4-$5, possibly $7 if you opt for a shot of rum in your drink, because why the hell not.


If you're looking to snack while you explore this colorful spot, you can try out some chili-lime peanuts, or plantain chips, for an interesting twist on your favorite classic bar snacks.


If you're up for adventure, try tracking down this sneaky little lounge. Who knows? Maybe they'll even convince you to dip your toe into the theatre world and watch The Grand Paradise before your next visit.

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[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]