The Red Pavilion Hosted Epic One Year Anniversary Celebration with Epic Aerialists, Burlesque and Live Jazz in time for AAPI Heritage Month

The Red Pavilion Courtesy @markselbyperry


The Red Pavilion (1241 Flushing Ave) impressed attendees at their one-year anniversary party, an explosive celebration that took place this week and captivated media creators and press from all corners of NYC, drawing them to the eclectic urban oasis of Brooklyn! Nestled in the diverse neighborhood of Bushwick, the venue marked AAPI Heritage Month with their unforgettable evening of culturally relevant art in the form of live music, live dance and a selective Wuism Seasonal Rotating cocktail menu. The night kicked off with a VIP hour from 6 to 8:30pm, featuring a complimentary open bar and tantalizing cocktail assortment with selections like The Red Dragon, a fiery fusion of tequila, blood orange, beet, lemon, agave, and Sichuan chili powder, rimmed with poppy seeds becoming a quick favorite of the evening, alongside non-alcoholic options like the Sunny Side with CBD Brooklyn Gold, ginger, and lemon. First time visitors were quickly enamored by the seedy elegance of the venue, casted in soft lighting and smoke with all the charm of a noir film yet everything needed for a modern fully stocked lounge and nightclub.

With drinks in hand, the crowd was seduced by smooth jazz from the AAPI Jazz Collective's mesmerizing musicians. As expected, the space was full of celebration, with every performance and mindful detail an ode to Asian culture. The Red Pavilion offered a dynamic mix of AAPI-focused art and entertainment, reminding the esteemed guests that it remains more than just a nightclub, it is a cultural hub that sees entertainment as a powerful tool for change, where art, culture, cuisine, and community converge to build a better society. The band then supported Subtle Asian Polers' Sailor Moon aerial duo with a honorary aerial hoop performance to the popular manga and anime series Sailor Moon’s theme song. Other exciting performances included Agent Wednesday's "Kung Fu Hustle," and an aerial show in the center of the main room keeping the energy electric. The night continued with an open bar for the public from 8:30pm, to midnight, followed by an epic afterparty with DJ Larry spinning tunes until 12am.

Ambient jazz, excellent service and a monumental speech from owner Shien Lee marked the momentous celebration, reminding guests of the importance of the space beyond it’s tantalizing nightlife entertainment. The Red Pavilion will continue to serve the AAPI community with events that echo tradition and flair, drawing people in to share, laugh and enjoy for years to come. The Red Pavilion’s private celebration marked not only its first anniversary but also the start of AAPI Heritage Month, a fitting tribute evening filled with soul, joy and Asian Neo-Noir essence. The Red Pavilion will look forward to celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with special events coming up like Taboo Jazz, Tokyo Boogie, Studio Ghibli + Anime Jazz, Springtime in Shanghai with the Red Pavilion Jazz Band, a Chino-Latino Fusion Night called Mandarin Mambo and so much more! Learn more about the upcoming fun by visiting their website 

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