The MTA Just Released These Touching Public Safety Videos with Real Stories from Real New Yorkers | spoiled NYC

The MTA is reminding commuters to keep an eye out and remember that they each play an important role in keeping New York City safe.

The agency re-launched on Monday its “If you see something, say something” public safety campaign with a few extra features.

As part of the new revamped campaign, the MTA has incorporated stories from real New Yorkers who have reported suspicious packages or activities and also added the new slogan “New Yorkers Keep New York Safe.”

“This is the most significant change to our public safety messaging since we first launched the ‘If you see something, say something’ campaign in the aftermath of 9/11,” said Thomas Prendergast, MTA chairman and CEO. “Our goals with the new campaign are to show our customers how easy it is to report a suspicious package or activity, and remind them that they have a crucial role to play in keeping New York safe.”

The MTA has launched separate videos which feature commuter describing the situations they dealt with that led them to reporting either a suspicious package or activities.

“One afternoon about 2 p.m. I was getting off a train and noticed a large piece of luggage in a train station,” said a C train rider named Francine. “After everyone exited the train, the luggage was still sitting there. So I thought, I’m just going to leave. And then I noticed people, even with children, walking to the train station, and I didn’t feel right about it.”

The videos — which will run online, on mobile devices and via Facebook-- also highlight individuals whose jobs it is to respond to certain reports.

One of those individuals includes MTA Police Officer David Chin and his K-9 partner, Bishop.

“When someone reports something to us we will scan the area as we approach and he’ll tell me if there’s something that will hurt me inside that item,” Chin said. “I love having a job that can make a difference in New York, and to be able to work with Bishop is actually a bonus.”

Along with the videos-- which run between 15 seconds to 3 minutes and 38 seconds-- the MTA will also implement an advertising campaign on trains, stations and buses with the headline reading “New Yorkers Keep New York Safe.”

The MTA also said it encourages commuters to use the hashtag #KeepNYSafe.

The agency owns the trademark to “If you see something, say something,” after it was created in 2002 for the MTA by advertising agency Korey Kay & Partners. Since then, the MTA has licensed the phrase to over 130 domestic and international transportation providers and government agencies.

The campaign videos can be see on the MTA's YouTube channel.

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