Of course, we were stoked when the creators of Governors Ball, Founders Entertainment, announced the first Meadows Music Festival in Queens.

Stoked. Pumped. Thrilled beyond all measure. The Weeknd and Kanye West headlining, Chance the Rapper, Metric, Yeasayer, The 1975―there's more than just a little something for everyone one each day of the 2-day music festival.

However, when they released their food lineup, we seriously thought "Kanye who?"

They'll be serving up some serious cult NYC foodie classics, and you'll def even to get the chance to try some unique eats for the first time.

We are seriously questioning why they're tagging themselves "a music and arts festival" and not "a food festival, with some music and art," because guys, look at this list of food, seriously.

Okay, okay, okay. So that's a bit dramatic. But if you were wondering what the hell you were going to eat all weekend, wonder no more. 

They'll be serving up classics like THE original Ramen Burger, Mighty Quinn's BBQ, Luke's Lobster, and Bareburger.

You'll also get to quench your thirst (and caffeinate, of course) all day with tasty beverages from Tea and Milk, Jack's Stir Brew & Coffee, and cocktails– they're not announced yet but don't worry, they're coming soon.


Don't worry vegans and vegetarians, they've also got you covered with more yummy veggie and vegan options than you'll know what to do with: the vegetarian butcher Monk's Vegan Smokehouse will be making an appearance, as well as options from Jeepney, a Filipino Gastropub, Jack's Slider's & Sushi, and a bunch more, including desserts.

To keep that sugar high for dancing all day, you'll get to grab tasty treats from Momofuku Milk Bar, waffles from Wowfulls, ice cream sandwiches from CoolhausDavey's Ice Cream, fresh fruit & smoothies from Hippie Dips, and more. It's basically #DessertGoals up in this sh*t.  

Check out their full list of vendors.


Now don't you wish you could score some VIP tix to this dope food– er, music fest? We got you covered

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