If you've been browsing this site for a while, you know we are a fan of themed bars and restaurants. It’s a guilty pleasure we aren’t sorry about.

Especially if said the theme is not one, but two of our favorite shows.

Which is why we’re psyched about the new Mad Men and Twin Peaks inspired bar opening soon.

In fact, it’s opening next month.

Called The Lately, the crossover establishment will be opening at 357 West 16th Street, and will blend modern and rustic aesthetics.

According to Gothamist, LDV Hospitality and Den Hospitality described the new bar as "loosely modeled after an upstate cabin of yore, with a fireplace, playful wallpaper and modern flourishes—think Mad Men meets Twin Peaks."

Sounds good to us!


Den Hospitality’s Grant Wheeler will be in charge of the expansive cocktail program. That selection may range from classic martinis, to off-kilter originals, to even more surreal selections. One of those may be a coconut avocado margarita, or frozen negronis made with ube. 

We are so there. The Lately will be opening in March, and we personally can’t wait to ask for an old-fashioned.


Or a milkshake, whichever way goes.

[via gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy pennlive.com]