All good things must come to an end, and sadly it has!

ICYMI, Sunshine Cinema located on the Lower East side will be closing this coming January 2018.

The Landmark Sunshine Cinema has been sold to a pair of developers planning to convert the property into a combined retail and office space, one of the buyers confirmed.

According to DNAInfo, the beloved movie theater will be closing soon and built into a retail space on the bottom floor, with offices taking up the second.

As if New York City needs more of either one of these spaces!

Sunshine Cinema wanted to revamp themselves, they recently took a chance and requested a license to serve both liquor and food,  but they were unfortunately denied.

Now, instead of watching a great movie inside a building filled with historic meaning and value, we're stuck with AMC theaters filled with popcorn in the seats. 


So far, Sunshine has kept their decision on the DL, so as of right now no one is 100% sure if they're going to sell at all. The future is not looking to sunny though.

Like we said, we're gonna pass on moving on to sticky chain theaters, but we might do business at some of the dinner theaters popping up around town... Alamo Drafthouse just started serving brunch, and NGL, we're itching to go.


It won't be the same though. Pour one out for Sunshine.

[Feature Image Courtesy IndieWire] [via dnainfo]