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No More Summertime Sadness: So You Wanna Have The Greatest Day Ever.... Literally?! We Got You

Festival season is upon us. 

And although we're extraordinarily tired of witnessing obscene acts of cultural appropriation that often accompany festival fashion - twinning or otherwise, we're super psyched to get out and see some dope musical artists. 

There's simply no better way to enjoy summer in New York City than grabbing your friends and heading to a music festival where you spend the entire day sweating and dancing and LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE. 

And let's just be honest, a huge part of going to music festivals is the bragging rights, a la "I saw __ before they were got big" and "You don't know __? They're all over the underground scene right now."

We all want to be able to say we knew a band first, and really, in NYC, that's a pretty attainable goal.

Because here, there's so many up and coming artists getting their feet wet in the music scene, working and performing and hustling. 

So why not take advantage by attending this year's The Greatest Day Ever! music fest? 

This annual event brings together some of the best new talent in NYC for the ultimate summer celebration. You'll get to catch incredible performances by up and comers like Baauer, Slink, 4B, Grandtheft, and many more. 


It all goes down at The Brooklyn Mirage on Saturday, July 9th from 2 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. 

And what's better, we're giving away 4 tickets to The Greatest Day Ever! so you and your friends can experience all the epic-ness FOR FREE. 


Enter to win in the form above for the chance to instantly become the favorite of your friend group, because The Greatest Day Ever! is bound to make 2016 the greatest summer ever. 

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