The Thirst Is Real with Circle Line's BBQ & Brews Cruise

What is summer without a chilled beer in one hand and the perfect burger in the other?

While you could do that in your friend's back yard and try to safely barbecue your dinner, why not switch out the back yard for a dope AF boat this year?

As part of Circle Line's epic party series Circle Live, they're setting sail with its first-ever BBQ & Brews Cruise where you can enjoy as much BBQ and beer as you can handle. 

On Thursday, July 20th at 6:30, the first annual BBQ & Brews Cruise sails out from Pier 83 along the Hudson to some great music, great food, endless drink, and, of course, incredible views.

Your ticket gets you some of the tastiest BBQ samples you'll ever eat and unlimited wine and beer—and liquor if you pay just a teensy bit more.

Circle Line's teamed up with two of NYC's most outrageously talented BBQ masters from Blue Smoke and Hill Country BBQ, so you know the food is going to be. On. Point.


To experience all the juicy, smokey and chilled deliciousness with breathtaking views on the New York City skyline, get your tickets here



This is gonna be one for the books!

OH! And use the code "SPOILEDBOGO" and you can get your 2nd ticket 50% off. 

[Feature Image Courtesy spoiled NYC] 

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