How about some nice kayaking after a lovely meal?

The Brooklyn Barge is back and its gonna be better than ever. They are providing customers experiences that you can only find on the waterfront and frankly, only in Brooklyn.

The uncommon waterfront restaurant looks like it was made from the remains of a ship and offers some unique experiences like kayaking and fishing.

Along with some awesome water activities, The Brooklyn Barge has historic and science programs that are barrels of fun for all ages.


The menu is from Chef Bradford Thompson who has cooked up some awesome grilled shrimp and fish tacos for a meal with some maritime flair. You can also get some awesome pork fries that will be the highlight of your day on the water. (YAAAAAAAAASS, we know!) 

Last year, we reported how The Brooklyn Barge was one step closer to opening by obtaining a liquor license. This year, they got that bar stacked. Bottled and canned beer, along with 10 more on tap and a whole bunch of wine and liquor as well.



The Brooklyn Barge is hoping to utilize all that water around them even more and wants to creates an unforgettable experience that will leave all other waterfront restaurants dry.

Can summer get here anymore faster because we cannot wait to drink like a fish while catching some at The Brooklyn Barge. Sooooo... see you there? 

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