Meet the Bazooka, the Delicious Giant Cannoli Shell Filled with 50 Mini-Sized Cannoli


New Yorkers love 'em. (No, seriously, we truly do love these delectable desserts.) 

So during an event recently held down under by pasta brand Barilla, when the genius bakers at Pasticceria Caruso in Sydney showed off their signature creation, the Bazooka-- a deliciously decadent huge cannoli filled with fifty (that's 5-0) normal-sized cannoli-- we seriously simply fell in love with it. 

Now take a look at these incredible photos below of absolute deliciousness. 

And then catch yourself from drooling. No, seriously, do it. Because if heaven looks anything close to this good, we'd definitely be A-OK with it. 

And yes, we already know what you're thinking: How long until this amazingness hits New York City? We're hoping it's under a week... soooooooo are you reading this, top bakeries across NYC?! 





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