Halloween is still several months away, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art's newest exhibit makes us want to start celebrating early. 

The Met's rooftop garden is well-known for its highly immersive exhibits, and they definitely will not be disappointing in 2016. 

This year, a massive replica of the home featured in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho will be on display to transport visitors back to the ominous setting of this classic horror flick. 

The piece was created by British artist Cornelia Parker and is constructed from reclaimed wood taken from an actual barn. 

Positioned against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, creates an unmistakable contrast, and looks quite out of place.  

This idea of contrast is quite in line with Parker's intention with the piece; she claims that the wholesomeness of the structure's materials against the creepy feeling of the film is exactly what she was going for. 


It's certainly a spectacle, and will undoubtedly draw huge crowds during the summer season. 


Catch it while you can; the piece opens today and will be on display until October 31st. 

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[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]