Here in New York City, we love the little guy. Especially when that little guy is focused on his values rather than making money. 

We also love stories about people running businesses out of their apartment, because that's just dope. 

Eugene Kang is one of those kickass little guys sticking it to the big businesses by running a skateshop out of his apartment with no hours, restrictions, or advertising. 

Kang said that he was inspired to open his shop, Terminal Skateshop, out of his living room because kids were getting financially screwed by shopping for their skate equipment at bike stores.

Initially, it started within a small group of skaters, but word of mouth brought in more and more customers until he was able to offer a larger selection of equipment and clothing. 

Rather than bringing in items from big businesses, Kang supplies clothing and equipment from local stores or small businesses in the hopes to help out the neighborhood skate scene. 

Check out his story from Jenkem Magazine below.


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[via Jenkem Magazine]